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Rent a Volkswagen in Lyon

A stunning French city that is all about elegance, style and quality, Lyon is a city that everyone should visit. Drenched in French culture, bursting with enticing cuisine and providing tourists with plenty to see and do, it's little wonder that this place may very well become everyone's favorite French city break destination. Whilst the city offers plenty in the form of attractions and cultural events, here are a few choices that shouldn't be missed.

Ever wanted to live like the French and enjoy relaxing on the riverbanks with a bottle? This is a favorite pastime for the people of the city and for good reason. There's plenty of riverside spots to choose from and of course finding a decent bottle of wine at a ridiculously cheap price is all part and parcel of being in France.

Another place worth visiting is Villars les Dombes for a truly close encounter with the feathered kind. For avid bird-lovers, a visit here in a Volkswagen rental in Lyon is sure to thrill. With plenty of opportunities to see a wide selection of birds, as well as walk-through aviaries where birds may very well land right on your head, this is a trip to remember. Even visitors who didn't arrive as enthusiastic bird-lovers, often leave as such. Perhaps the stunning flying display and incredible opportunity to feel at one with nature will capture your heart too.

Take in the old town for a feel of bygone days. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, within half an hour of wandering around the meandering streets you'll understand why. With many stalls and restaurants filling the air with mouthwatering aromas, it's all too easy to build up a big appetite in this part of the city. It is a city that needs to be fully explored. It's not just the main attractions that tourists should visit, but going off the beaten track is what can truly bring the city experience to another place.

That's why choosing a rental car that is reliable, comfortable and stylish should be a vital part of your travel plans. Many luxury cars can provide such a driving experience, but here at Apex Luxury Car Hire we know that the Volkswagen knows how to, not only deliver, but impress. It's a car that boasts confident style, is designed to satisfy all your comfort needs and knows how to navigate dense city streets, as well as clear open roads.

If you do decide to rent a Volkswagen in Lyon you should make the most of your great choice. With such a set of trusty, comfortable and stylish wheels at your disposal, it would be a sin to leave the vehicle parked outside the hotel. So choose the sites you want to visit, decide on the attractions that appeal to you most and make sure your itinerary allows plenty of time for going off the beaten track. Then all that's left to do is hire a Volkswagen in Lyon and get ready to explore the city!

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