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Rent a Mini Cooper in France

Whenever you're planning a trip to France you'll have many things to feel excited about especially if you're planning to tour multiple cities and see everything that this place can offer you. However, a key thing to think about will be the rental car you select for your journey, so with this in mind, it's always wise to consider renting something practical and economical. For many people, this will mean choosing to rent a Mini Cooper in France and there's no denying the many benefits and advantages this famous car manufacturer can provide you with when you're touring French cities.

In this article, we shall highlight a handful of the best things to see during your tour of this country, and you'll also learn more about the two best models of Mini on the market at the moment. Keeping all of this in mind, let's get to it. To begin with, it is renowned for its beautiful architecture, and whether this means visiting the Eiffel tower, checking out the Notre Dame Cathedral, or even exploring some of the finer Parisian shopping districts, there's always something wonderful to see and do when you're visiting France.

Many people will enjoy the fine dining traditions of the country, and it's always nice to take a few cooking classes if you have the time. Alternatively, exploring the southern regions can be a real treat, especially if you like to get off the beaten track and see the genuine rural areas that so many tourists miss out on. However, it's safe to say that choosing a Mini Cooper rental in France is a wise decision if you're looking to explore, so let's examine the two top models in closer detail.

Firstly, you have the Mini Coupe, which is the sportier and more compact version of the Mini. Since it was first released back in June 2011, it has quickly taken Europe by storm, and you'll often see these vehicles being the preferred option for people who are regularly driving in big cities. These vehicles give you excellent performance on virtually every important metric, and they are also incredibly efficient when it comes to fuel consumption, giving you an average of 44 miles per gallon which is always good news for people who are trying to ensure their budget stretches as far as possible.

Another top option from the Mini brand is the Countryman, which is almost like an SUV thanks to its 5 spacious seats and general use of space. In fact, the car can provide you with up to 1000 L of boot space, which is plenty of room to carry your suitcases with you for your trip throughout this place. Ultimately, this is another fantastic car that offers great performance and fuel economy in the region of 40 miles per gallon.

In summary, choosing to hire a Mini Cooper in France is a wise investment for the person who values excellent performance and value for money. Regardless of the model you choose, you're going to be excited by the possibility this car can bring to your trip in France.

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