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Rent a Bugatti in Nice

It has been said that the luxury sports car Bugatti Veyron is just simply too fast for almost any road in the world since its top speed is over 170 mph due to its durable quad W 16 engine and allwheel drive. The car is simply too expensive for most people to buy or insure,  but if it's on your bucket list it is possible for you to rent one for a day, or even a week if you can afford it.

When it comes to touring Europe, the Bugatti Veyron is probably too fast. That's not to say that it wouldn't be great to hire a Bugatti in Nice, France and drive it to several discos just for fun. It is truly an awesome looking car that will turn heads even when driving slowly in the countryside. It will also get you a pretty hot date at the best disco in Nice as well.

The hardest thing about driving a Bugatti is keeping it under the speed limit since it looks like it's going fast even when parked. You'll almost never want to park it anywhere out of view when you're eating at a restaurant since it's so much fun to stare at and most everyone will agree. Renting an exotic sports car while on vacation can be a blast. But as it turns out, a lot of the people that rent the most incredibly beautiful cars are using them in their own city right near home. Most of the time they're meeting up with old friends from high school, or maybe a high school reunion, and they're hoping to impress a bunch of their contemporaries from years gone by.

Other people want to show off to a hot date that has captured their heart, or maybe they've lied too much in their profile and are afraid to admit it, so they rent a luxury sports car for just one night to live the dream of being a millionaire with a hot girlfriend. They also make great cars for driving away after your wedding to impress all the in-laws that continually doubted your ability to support your new wife. In that case, to rent a Bugatti in Nice, France would be a waste of money because your relatives would be there to see it.

If you're like most people the Bugatti is a little out of your price range even if you make a lot of money, but there are plenty of other great cars that can be rented for just a few hundred dollars a day at Apex Luxury Car Hire. Some cars that are just a few years old look absolutely spotless and rent for less money than many of the new cars but actually look even better. If you do plenty of research you can find an excellent bargain that will impress everyone at the wedding, high school reunion, or that hot date at the disco that turns out to live in a trailer park in a bad part of town.

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