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Rent a Convertible in Nice

Located on the French Riviera, Nice offers some of the most incredible scenery in all of France. Although there are many different ways that you can take in the views, one way that is incredibly fun and freeing is in a convertible. Renting a convertible and driving yourself through the area allows you to feel the wind in your hair and breathe the fresh, clean air. In a way, a convertible makes it possible to become completely immersed in your surroundings rather than being separated from them by panes of glass.

The only downside to going this route is that renting a car in France can be a bit on the expensive side -- especially if you choose a sporty model such as a convertible. Fortunately, however, there are a lot of ways that you can save money on the cost of a rental, allowing you to live your dream of driving through this beautiful part of the world. Check out some of these helpful tips for finding an affordable convertible rental in Nice.

Typically, your best bet is to rent your car from a company that is not located near a major airport or railway hub. Although this makes it slightly more inconvenient to pick up your car, you can wind up saving a bundle on your rental. Most rental agencies will mark up the price of their cars significantly around transportation hubs. By choosing an out-of-the-way rental location instead, there is a good chance that you can dramatically slash the cost of the rental.

Ideally, you should also reserve your rental car at the same time that you purchase your airline tickets and make your hotel reservations. Oftentimes, you can save a lot of money by booking the entire trip as a package rather than booking each component individually. Compare prices on different travel sites to see which site offers the best deal. You may be surprised by just how much rental rates can vary from one site to the next.

The vast majority of cars in European countries have manual transmissions. Although there are vehicles with automatic transmissions available for rent, they generally cost a lot more than those with manual transmissions. To save a lot of money on your rental price, you should learn to drive stick before you leave on your trip. Although it may seem like a hassle, it can wind up saving you a bundle on your car rental.

Finally, be sure to find out in advance whether or not there will be any additional charges because of your age. Some rental companies tack on extra fees for drivers who are under the age of 25. Others increase the rental price for older drivers. Again, this is where comparing prices between rental companies can help. The more informed you are about each company's policies, the more likely you are to find the best deal. These tips to rent a convertible in Nice should help you have a great time on your trip. Nothing compares to the feeling of cruising down the road on the French Riviera with the sun on your face and a warm summer breeze on your skin.

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