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Rent a Fiat in Nice

If you're planning a European vacation, one of the things to keep in mind is that many of the sites to see are easier to get to and more enjoyable if you rent a car and do the driving yourself. When you go on a guided tour you're stuck going to the top 10 sites in the country and never get to visit the other 500 that are more beautiful, have smaller crowds, far better prices, and a lot  more enjoyable without all the tour buses and their customers. If driving in Europe scares you just a little bit because of all the aggressiveness, then the best thing to do is rent a Fiat in Nice, France and use that to get around in the big cities and save money on fuel.

There are a lot of places in Europe that will rent a sporty little Fiat for you to drive for a very economical price. They get great gas mileage, and gas is very expensive throughout Europe, they are super easy to park, have plenty of power to zip around in traffic and one of the least expensive cars to rent in the world.

While renting and expensive luxury car for your vacation in Europe has been one your dreams for quite some time they aren't always practical for driving in any of the larger cities because the roads are narrow and the other cars quite aggressive. But a Fiat is perfect for places like Paris, Rome, or London, where quick reflexes and good response from the car are a huge advantage over anything considered luxurious.

When you're looking at renting an exotic sports car for your vacation you'll note that the deposit they put on your credit card will be substantial. When they add your projected rental fee, security deposit, and insurance together, it can be quite staggering. But not so with the feisty little Fiat, you'll have money to burn and with gas more than double the price in Europe, you'll need it.

When you rent a Fiat in Nice, France you'll be able to drive nearly the entire country on just a few fill ups of fuel, maybe even cover Germany as well. You won't be bothered by taking a short jaunt off the beaten path because the Fiat gets over 40 miles per gallon. Of course, even though it's not a luxury sports sedan worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you'll still need to be over 25 to rent it, have full coverage insurance, and have a major credit card as well. Also, since most of the Fiats are going to be manual transmissions, you'll need to know that too.

If you're made of money and don't mind wasting it, then the luxury sedans and sports cars are for you. But, if you're like the rest of us, and have to work for your money, then the Fiat is the perfect car to see Europe in because of its size, handling, and economy.

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