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Rent a Porsche in France

The best way to see France when you go on holiday is by car. When you rent a Porsche in France you can drive around the country in total style. You can zip to the coast or go inland and explore one of the many picturesque villages when you travel in your Porsche. Read on to learn some of the place you might want to stop and explore when you holiday in France. There is something amazing to see almost anywhere that you go, so you want to to take some time to come up with a good itinerary. One of the most iconic symbols of this country is the Eiffel Tower. This huge tower has become part of the skyline of Paris and it offers sweeping views of Paris at every level. You can enjoy a meal at the on site restaurant or just walk around and marvel at the views.

While you are in Paris, you also want to make sure that you visit the Louvre Museum. The Louvre is one of the best museums in the world and houses a huge collection of the most famous art in civilization. You could spend weeks exploring the Louvre, but if you are short on time, you can visit the some of the iconic artwork in a day. Driving a Porsche rental in France is fun and you can get a great deal on your rental. Drive the best in the area.

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the more striking places in the area. It rises out of the sea and becomes an island at high tide. During low tide you can cross the sand to get to the island. This tourist attraction features an abbey that was built in 708. This breathtaking piece of medieval architecture has a Gothic style and offers sweeping views of the ocean. You can explore the area on foot and stop to shop or have lunch and you can also go on a guided tour of the island.

If you want to visit a storybook city, you have to visit the Loire Valley. It is absolutely enchanting, with its picturesque woodlands and valleys. You will find fairy tale castles with turrets and moats. There are castles from all different periods, including medieval castles. The Renaissance castles are some of the most interesting castles and and you can tour the castles and explore the other pleasures of the valley.

If you want to spend some time at one of the most luxurious beach towns, then you will want to spend some time at Biarritz. This coastal resort is world famous and it just feels and looks aristocratic. There are plenty of luxury hotels and restaurants here, but you can also visit a museum, lighthouse, and the beaches. If you love to eat, you will find plenty of restaurants and bakeries to enjoy. When you hire a Porsche in France you can travel more comfortably and get where you want to go quickly.

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