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Rent a Ferrari in Berlin

There are plenty of guys that have a bucket list of cars they'd like to drive at least once in their lives before they die of old age. Well, time is getting short, and owning some of these cars is getting outrageously expensive, both for the car and the insurance. However, if all you want to do is drive one for a day or two, then why not just rent one? That's what a lot of people are doing these days, just for a special occasion or a vacation, they'll rent a Ferrari in Berlin and then maybe a Mini Cooper in London to fulfill their childhood dreams and have an exciting vacation.

There can be a wide range of prices on many exotic car rentals and it goes without saying that you should check online and compare prices. You'll find that many of the older high-performance American cars can be rented for great prices, and they'll bring back memories of fun times in high school. On the other hand, some expensive exotics will be renting for $2,500 per day, but sometimes far less than that if you look around and find the deals. There are usually lower prices on the weekdays, and also better pricing if you rent for several days, rather than just one.

There can also be a huge difference between two different rental agencies. They may have a regular customer that rents the same car every week so they raise the price for any other customers, while another agency might have an identical car sitting on the lot with no clients wanting it, so they drop the price to entice customers. You'll also find that they can lower their prices to compete with other rental companies if you do your homework and know the prices.

Most car insurance companies will extend their coverage onto a rental car automatically in most cases. There are restrictions involving deductibles and limits of liability that are best answered by your insurance agent and the agency where you're going to hire a Ferrari in Berlin, they'll have experience in the matter. If you have certain credit cards you can also buy a temporary rental car insurance policy for a good price, but you'll want to be sure and make all the arrangements in advance to eliminate unforeseen problems that can arise.

Lots of people start their rental car fantasies by checking the most expensive agencies on the internet. The fact is, many of the lower priced car rental companies are now expanding out into exotic sports cars, SUV's, and luxury cars and will have better prices than some of the companies that specialize in those cars. So, if you're planning to rent a Ferrari in Berlin or somewhere else, then start looking to match up the car you want with your vacation itinerary as soon as you know the details. Then compare the rates and ask for discounts until you get the price you can afford for your next awesome vacation in Europe.

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