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Rent a Maserati in Berlin

When traveling about Europe there are quite a number of different ways to get around. There are lots of buses, but they aren't the best for tourists unless they're really tourist buses. There are trains, and those can be awesome since they don't travel next to the roads everywhere, you get to see a lot of the beautiful countryside. But the best way to see every part of Europe, especially off the beaten path, is by car. And now you can rent a Maserati in Berlin, and make arrangements to return it in Rome, or maybe Paris.

A lot of people would like to drive all around Europe, but not in the big cities, they're too scary with their aggressive drivers. So what you do is park your luxury sports car at the hotel and take tour buses around the city. You can even take the city buses if you like, they're very economical, and you can meet regular people, not just tourists. Then, after you've seen all that you want of the big city, you just hop back into your Maserati and head to the countryside once again. This plan takes care of all situations, keeps you safe from the craziness in the city, and lets you roam freely in the hills.

If you search online for "off the beaten path" viewpoints, bars, hotels, and restaurants near any city in Europe, you'll be amazed at the hundreds of quaint 10 room hotels that are owner-operated that you can find only by car. Every small village will have its brewpub, restaurant, and handmade craft store that's different than any you've seen before.

For the luxury car rental agencies keeping all of their clients happily renting the cars they desire can be a bit of a circus juggling act at times. Some cars are in high demand on the weekends, while others during the week days, but tourists use them for a whole week, so there can be restrictions and price adjustments to keep things flowing smoothly. By finding your dream car, and reserving it far in advance, you give the rental agency the chance to take better care of you and all of their customers by moving high demand cars to areas to accommodate their customers.

To hire a Maserati in Berlin, you'll need to be at least 25 years of age and have a valid driver's license with almost no moving violations. They will check both the validity and your driving record, so be aware of that. Then you'll also need to have a major credit card that has enough room on it to cover the deposit and all of the fees for the rental. They will pre-approve the charge, use that to cover the costs at the end, then refund the remaining amount.

If you haven't seen Europe by car, it's a once in a lifetime experience to remember. There are 'best times' to visit most cities, like fall in Germany, or winter in Spain, so take advantage of the internet to lay out your itinerary and make the best use of your time in Europe.

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