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Rent a Mini Cooper in Berlin

A lot of the cars for sale new, nowadays, are quite impractical for the average driver, they either get horrible mileage, cost too much to insure or have no room for the family. So most people settle when it comes to picking out a car, they need certain things to accommodate the family, the budget, or the driveway, and there's really no other alternative, until now, that is. If you're thinking about going on a vacation to a special place like Europe, you should consider maybe hiring a Mini Cooper in Berlin to have a little fun.

When most people think about rental cars they're typically imagining a white four-door family car that is very useful in many ways. However, the new way to rent when on vacation is to get something sporty, luxurious, or exotic to augment your vacation in a different way than ever before. Instead of getting the cheapest rental car you can, get something that's going to add to the excitement of visiting all the little villages in Germany. These little Mini Coopers are considered one of the most exciting cars to drive, and touring Europe in one would simply be a blast.

When you rent a car most good insurance companies will extend the same coverage to the rental as what you have on your regular car. You'll need to have full coverage that will cover the car in the event of a collision or theft, and the deductibles will have to conform to the rental agency's guidelines, but call your agent and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to that, many credit card companies offer low priced rental car insurance to their card holders. American Express is one of those, and many VISA cards will have the service available too. If you know when your vacation is far in advance, you can search online for the various cards and get one that offers the coverage. Search for "credit cards with travel benefits" and you'll see lots of options.

Driving a Mini Cooper rental in Berlin is easy. As long as you're at least 21 years old and have a clean driving record, you should have no trouble finding a great sports car to drive on your next vacation. You should always call ahead and reserve just the one you want, most of the time photos are available online. Then, in most cases, you can have the rental delivered to your hotel, airport, or almost any other place you desire, if it's within a certain range. Just be sure to be available when they drop off the keys, they'll want to see you in person in all cases.

If you've never driven a Porsche, rented a Mini Cooper in Berlin, or an exotic Ferrari, you can, and it's not that hard to do. Take into consideration the experience of seeing Europe from a convertible exotic sports car with the top down. It can be done and it's easier than you think.

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