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Rent a Hummer in Dusseldorf

Have you ever watched those small little sports cars on the road and wondered how they survive? What would happen if they found themselves on the Autobahn in Germany? For many people, while they love the speed of a sports car, they need the power and protection of a Hummer. Unfortunately, many people will never get the chance to experience the power and strength of this vehicle on the fast paced Autobahn. Thankfully, if you are going to be in Germany, you do have the option of being able to rent a Hummer in Dusseldorf. We are going to take a look at just a few of the activities you can enjoy while on vacation.

Many people love to take their Hummer rental in Dusseldorf over to Rheinuferpromenade, which is located in Carlstadt. It is one of the best areas in the city where you can sit and watch the locals and tourists alike. Sit down and enjoy the view of the river and some of the mighty ships you will see in the distance. For many, this beautiful promenade is the perfect place to enjoy a lovely lunch at one of the many cafes and restaurants. Or, simply find a bench on the embankment and have a glass of wine. Regardless of what you do at the Rheinuferpromenade, you will find yourself free of stress. After you have had time to unwind and relax, you may want to enjoy some window shopping at Konigsallee.

As you drive over to Konigsallee which is located in Stadt-Mitte, you know your vehicle will be able to haul any treasures you find. Konigsallee is one of the premier shopping districts in Dusseldorf. However, you do not have to have your credit card in hand to enjoy this shopping experience. Take the time to walk the wide streets and explore some of these great shops. You will find a lovely mix of local vendors as well as luxury brand shops. You can even find an Apple Store within these high-end shops. If nothing else, stop and sit by the canal and enjoy a cup of hot coffee and do your fair share of people watching.

While many people choose the fastest car rental they can find in order to enjoy the Autobahn, the Hummer is an excellent choice as well.If you are not experienced driving at excessive speeds, this brand of car will give you the power and safety you need as you learn these roads. In addition, it is the perfect family car and will give you the optimal amount of storage space for your vacation.

As you can see, there is plenty to see and do in the city. From the luxury shops of Konigsallee to the relaxing Rheinuferpromenade, you will enjoy it all. Don't forget about the fun nightlife and large number of pubs that are in the area as well. Contact us today and let us help you hire a Hummer in Dusseldorf.

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