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Rent a Hummer in Hamburg

Near the extremely long estuary of the River Elbe, is the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg, where it is an important hub between the ocean and Germany's intricate network of inland waterways. The huge harbor in is over 100 square kilometers in size and is a 'Freeport' meaning that most goods can pass in and out without duties. You'll definitely want to visit the world's largest model railway that boasts nearly 900 trains and 12,000 meters of track, with more on the way each year. It has a miniature airport and even sections dedicated to the US, and Scandinavia, as well as Germany, of course. You can buy your tickets when you arrive, but you can also save plenty of time by reserving tickets online as well.

This city also has some of the most amazing churches that are nearly 300 years old. You should visit the St. Michael's Church, since it's world class Baroque architecture makes it an important landmark. There are viewing platforms where you can take photos of nearly any part of the city as you climb up the 132-meter tower. If you're not into the exercise, there are also elevators as well. There is also a museum and another church, the St. James, nearby that will take the better part of a day to explore.

When exploring Hamburg, Germany in your car, you'll want to head to the International Maritime Museum that examines a history of nearly 3,000 years of civilization's love of living near the water. There are artifacts from all over Europe and the world, combined with ship models from every time period and culture. And, don't forget to visit the museum made from the former Soviet submarine, the B-515, as it is a striking display of how difficult life aboard a submarine can be.

One of the most incredible ways to see Germany is to rent a Hummer in Hamburg, then spend a few days in the city seeing all that it has to offer. After that, there are hundreds of small villages and hamlets in the surrounding mountains that are off the beaten path, away from most of the tourist buses. During the fall months, you'll be astounded at the brightly colored leaves and the best way to experience them is with your own Hummer rental in Hamburg, able to stop whenever you desire. Of course, one of the best reasons to hire a Hummer in Hamburg is if you decide to drive through the mountains, of which there are many, you'll have no problems with snow or ice, since the Hummer is one of the best vehicles there is when it comes to traction and stability. This car will also have plenty of space for all of your luggage, even if you have an entire family traveling with you.

If you've never traveled Europe by car, you should have the experience at least once in a lifetime. There are thousands of small bed and breakfast locations that cannot be reached any other way. The small restaurants and brew pubs, that make all of their food and beverages on site, will provide lasting memories. Plus, the prestige of arriving in a luxury vehicle can't be overlooked, as it's one of the most stunning SUV's on earth.

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