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Rent a Jeep in Hamburg

Hamburg is a city that knows how to do things in large style. It has the largest harbor in Germany, as well as what surely has to be some of the best German burgers in the country. So what should you see and do during your trip? Here are a few great recommendations.

You'll find the mesmerizing old Elbtunnel under the river Elbe and right beside St. Pauli. Built in 1907 this is simply architectural genius in its best form. In the past the four elevators were used to transport cars up, down and across the river. You will learn how the tunnel had one car capacity, so when it was in use it only operated with one way traffic. In the morning it brought people to work, and in the evenings it brought them home!

The local harbor is well worth exploring. If the details, logistics, and incredible organization of the harbor interest you, then opt for the tour which leaves from Landungsbrücken. It lasts about an hour and takes you around the harbor by boat. You'll hear plenty of details about the history of the harbor, as well as some rather fascinating facts. Many of the tours are in German, but you should be able to find one in English too!If taking a guided tour isn't up your street, you may prefer to simply board the ferry from the Landungsbrücken Dock 3 to Finkenwerder. It will only set you back a few euros and you'll get to enjoy plenty of sights, although you will miss out on the extra details that the tour provides.

Hamburg is a wonderful city to visit and well worth staying for at least a few days. As well as planning your hotel and itinerary, you should also give thought to your mode of travel while in the city. Many visitors to another city like to rent a vehicle for their stay. It gives them the freedom and flexibility to come and go as they please, as well as a sense of 'taking charge' during their break away.If you are contemplating which car to choose as your rental vehicle, why not opt for a Jeep rental in Hamburg? There is something incredibly special about this car choice. Perhaps it is the sense of height, road presence and style that the vehicle so effortlessly gives.

Then again other drivers may choose to rent a Jeep in Hamburg as they feel it is the perfect match for the German city. After all, this is a city of confidence; it's a place that knows what style, fashion and luxury are all about. If you want to embrace everything that this city represents, then deciding to hire a Jeep in Hamburg for your city break could prove to be the perfect choice. Remember, your car rental decision can let you enjoy the driving experience, as well as the city.

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