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Rent a Prestige Car in Hamburg

Hamburg is a gorgeous city in Germany that brings in countless tourists on a yearly basis. Some of these people come for the magnificent architecture while other come to experience the vast array of museums and galleries. What would bring you to this gorgeous city? Perhaps you would like to spend a day admiring a miniature railroad or read a book on one of the cities many canals. If you are going to visit Hamburg, you are going to want to rent a prestige car to get around. Today we are going to talk about the benefits of a prestige car rental in Hamburg as well a few of the must do sights to see while on vacation.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the entire world at once with a bird's eye view? Unless you plan on starting a career with NASA, you have little opportunity to fulfill that dream. That is, unless you take the time to visit the Miniatur Wunderland. Here you will find the majority of the world all scaled down to miniatures. There are miles of working railroads that explore the cities as well as working airports. This is an exciting destination that both young and old will enjoy and appreciate. The eye for detail is incredible, you may just find yourself looking to find your own home in this miniature world! Be sure to set aside a few hours to enjoy all that is offered. Once you have enjoyed seeing your world from a new perspective, it is time to enjoy nature at the Park Planten un Blomen.

The Park Planten un Blomen is located in St. Pauli and is the perfect destination for an enjoyable afternoon. As you walk through these peaceful gardens, you will find rose gardens, Japanese gardens, and multiple types of plants and flowers. The building is filled with classical music and is the perfect spot to relax for a few hours, especially on a hot summer day. Located in the heart of the city, it is easy to get to by rental car or public transportation. Be sure to be there for the fountain and light show, as it is one of the highlights of a visit to the Park Planten un Blomen. As you leave the gardens, you will want to make your final destination for the day at the Port of Hamburg.

The Port is a perfect place to the end the day and allow some time for your feet to rest. You can enjoy an evening ride on the Elbe River by any number of boat tours that are located in the area. Or, you may enjoy just sitting at the edge of the harbor and watching the large container ships drift by. Of course, this is a nice area to walk around. You may want to tour through the warehouse district or the fish market before you settle in for the evening.

As you can see, this city offers a little something for everyone. There is much to see and do in the area and the best way to do that is with a rental car. It allows you the opportunity to come and go at your pace and leisure. If you would like to hire a prestige car in Hamburg, give us a call today.

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