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Rent an SUV in Hamburg

Are you planning to visit Hamburg, Germany in the near future? If not, it should make its way to the top of your travel destination. It is the second largest city in Germany and offers a host of activities and sights for tourists. One of the issues you may face about coming to this vacation destination is how you will get around. While public transportation is always an option, it can be difficult finding the right bus or train. The best option is to rent a car for the duration of your stay. In fact, you may want to make this a vacation when you rent an SUV in Hamburg. Let's take a few minutes and explore some of the activities in and around the city, as well as renting the right car.

Upon arriving in Hamburg, one of the first things you are going to notice is the absolutely stunning skyline. The city is filled with a veritable collection of both new and old buildings. Some of the most stunning buildings in the city are the fine collection of historic cathedrals you will find. One of the most popular to visit is St Nicholas'. During the 19th century, this cathedral was actually considered the tallest building in the world. While it may look small by today's standards, it is still quite impressive and worth the drive. You may also want to visit St Catherines, as it is a marvel to witness with its copper plating. Once you have had time to tour the cities fine architecture, you may want to slow it down with the world's best miniature museum.

Simply named Miniatur Wunderland, this is one of the most popular destinations in this city. Here you will be able to see your world from a whole new perspective. There are miles of working railroads, famous landmarks, and even a airplanes taking off to unknown destinations. This is a great destination for kids and adults a like. In fact, after a short time, many adults feel like a kid again. It is impossible not to get a great big goofy grin on your face and simply admire the great attention to detail you are going to find in this replica of our world. Once you are ready to set out into the real world again, you should set your sights on the Speicherstadt.

Don't worry about trying to pronounce Speicherstadt, all you have to know is that it translates to the 'City of Warehouses'. Featuring a Gothic Revival architectural style, this area was recently awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vast majority of the area holds a large number of museums including Miniatur Wunderland. It is quite easy to spend a full day exploring the displays that are housed here. In addition, part of the area is still used as a working warehouse district. It is an enjoyable walk and the architecture is beautiful.

The last question you need to ask yourself, is how do you want to get around this magnificent city? Do you want to be tied down to public transportation or would you rather hire an SUV in Hamburg? Many people would rather enjoy the luxury and speed of SUV, as it makes the trip a once in a lifetime experience. If you are ready to take your vacation to a whole new level, give us a call today for your SUV rental in Hamburg.

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