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Rent a Ferrari in Magdeburg

Some of us love history and are thrilled by city attractions that relate to it in any way. Others among us are all about the here and now, admiring modern sights and taking in contemporary points of interest. However, something that intrigues nearly everyone is a city that knows how to combine old with new.

The German city of Magdeburg is a prime example of such a location. Crammed to bursting point with a history that is full of events, yet peppered with modern buildings and a contemporary vibe, this is a city where old and new don't compete for the number one spot, instead they are happy to share it together. So if you have a trip planned to the city, or are simply contemplating the idea, what lies in store for you? It's time to whet your appetite!

Let's start with an attraction that beautifully merges that old and new city theme; the Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady. From the exterior you're going to sense the rich history and admire a landmark that has retained much of the charm of bygone years. Step inside and you will feast your eyes on contemporary art and sculpture that is incredible impressive. It is little wonder that this attraction is so popular with tourists from near and far. While we are in the mood for being impressed, it's time to head over to the Waterway Junction. With a canal bridge that is a staggering 918 meters, the longest in Europe, as well as a massive building project, there's plenty to see here in the way of technical attractions.

It would be hard for anyone to be disappointed with a trip to Magdeburg. However one thing that may not quite match your city break image is your choice of car rental. It's easy to opt for a standard car choice, presuming that the magic is in the city, not in your mode of transport. Unfortunately, this thinking can rob you of the opportunity to truly take your city break to the next level. Let's take for example the idea to rent a Ferrari in Magdeburg. Now, picture yourself cruising around the city, admiring the many sights, taking in the electric city vibe, and doing so from a seat of pure luxury. Do you see how opting to hire a Ferrari in Magdeburg can give you an upgrade that is more than worth the effort?

Which points of interest will make it to your itinerary during a visit to this city? Will you visit the Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady? If you do, you'll be spoiled for choice with things to see. Then again, you may prefer to be technically astounded by the Waterway Junction and surrounding building project, an attraction that is all about having the wow factor. Whichever sights you decide to visit, just remember that you're in a historical city with a modern twist, so opting for a Ferrari rental in Magdeburg makes complete driving sense!

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