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Rent a Mini Cooper in Magdeburg

The stunning German city of Magdeburg has plenty for tourists to see and do. This is a city that has a rich and eventful history and the sights and attractions certainly reflect this fact. This city is a 1200 year old city and retains much of its historical past. A few buildings that are well worth a visit during your stay are the Cathedral and the Art Museum, located in the Monastery of Our Lady.

Don't worry, there's a whole lot more to this German city than historical sights and attractions! For those who love to see modern points of interest, there will be plenty to fill the itinerary. One particular attraction that thrills many tourists is the Waterway Junction. The longest canal bridge in the world, this sight is well worth taking the time to explore. It also provides great photo opportunities.

In fact, this city is home to a few of the world's superlatives. The Elbauenpark is the tallest wooden construction of its kind in the world. The Millennium Tower and Lake Stage certainly make for an impressive view to behold. This attraction is set in a park that has an area of over 90 hectares. You will find some incredible vantage points to take in the landscape, or if you are feeling a little more energetic you can take advantage of sports areas, themed gardens and plenty more! Another modern attraction with a cultural twist is the Green Citadel, a curious building which was designed by the renowned artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Does this German city sound appealing to you? No doubt it does! When planning a city break most people take a considerable amount of time organizing their travel plans, deciding where to stay and making a list of places they would like to visit. However, one element of the city break that is often overlooked is planning the right car hire. Here at Apex Luxury Car Hire we have a passion for each and every car we offer for rent. However if you want our honest recommendation for this city, we think you should consider to rent a Mini Cooper in Magdeburg. It allows you to enjoy the comfort, luxury and style of a trusted and reputable car, whilst coupling the whole experience with a good handful of driving fun.

Opting to hire a Mini Cooper in Magdeburg also comes with the bonus of easy parking. We all know what city parking can be like, pretty much everyone has a nightmare story to tell on that topic. The beauty of renting a brand like this, is driving a mighty car that comes in a small package! Certainly this German city is well worth a visit. There is plenty of attractions to keep history lovers, as well as modern souls, more than happy during their stay. So if you want a slick city car for a sophisticated German city, we recommend Mini Cooper rental in Magdeburg!

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