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Rent a Mini Cooper in Germany

Are you hoping to find a convenient city runner that will help you explore some of the wonderful towns and cities that this place has to offer? If this describes your situation, then choosing to rent a Mini Cooper in Germany is a smart choice that will give you many benefits and ultimately allow you to explore the city in great detail. In this overview, we will show you a handful of the wonderful things you can see while you are visiting this part of the world, and we will also highlight two of the best Mini Cooper models on the market right now, both of which are perfectly suited for rental in Germany.

First of all, there is no shortage of entertainment on offer in many of the top cities in the area so no matter whether you are visiting Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, or Cologne you will never run out of things to do. For example, many people love to visit the Europa Park which is a popular theme park suitable for all ages. Alternatively, you can explore some of the rich architecture, such the Cologne Cathedral. If you're bringing the kids with you, then there are a number of water parks and theme parks available, and there are also many seasonal markets that are simply enthralling and well worth a visit.

However, it's a good idea to pay close attention to the type of car you choose to rent during a trip in this beautiful country, although it's safe to say that choosing Mini Cooper rental in Germany is a wise investment. Now, let's take a look at the models. The Mini Coupe is one of the sporty incarnations of the original Mini Cooper, and ever since it was first released way back in June 2011, it has become a popular favorite on the rental market for good reason. The car has only two seats, but they are very comfortable and there is definitely plenty of head room and leg room to keep both passenger and driver at ease throughout the journey.

In terms of performance, the car is surprisingly agile and it will be to keep up with most of the cars on the autobahn, while the compact design makes it easy to park in any city you choose to visit. On the other hand, you may prefer to rent the larger Mini Countryman, which many people regard as a small SUV. The car features five doors and five seats, automatic transmission, and precision engineering throughout.

Of course, the extra seats mean it's a great option for people who are visiting Germany with their friends and family in tow, and the vehicle is a true workhorse, giving you excellent fuel economy in the region of 40 mpg. There's also more than 1000 L space, so there's plenty of room for some luggage along with the passengers. At the end of the day, choosing to hire a Mini Cooper in Germany is a sensible choice for those people who are looking to explore the country in greater detail and soak up the atmosphere on offer.

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