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Rent a Bugatti in Munich

Munich lies in the Southern part of Germany. This third largest city of the country is famous for its crazy beer festival and white sausages. Visitors can have a splendid time enjoying the architectural marvels, palaces, parks and the hearty meals.

Unlike Berlin, this place was never affected by the war which is why most of its historic structures are in good condition. This city has lots to offer to its visitors, and the best way to enjoy the breathtaking beauty is with a Bugatti rental in Munich.

The Oktoberfest is a colourful and zesty beer festival held in the month of September. Beer lovers from all over the world come to this event to drink the best beer and to eat huge pretzels. Apart from drinking and eating you will also get to see parades and beer floats.

There are several interesting museums, but the Alte Pinakothek is the most popular one. It has over 800 exhibits which date back to the Middle Ages. There are also paintings by Altdorfer, Frans Hals, Titian and Albrecht Dürer displayed at this museum.

The Church of St Peter is another popular place to visit. This Church presents art which is six decades old. If you can climb the 306 steps to the top of the tower you will get a fantastic view of the city.

If you love cars, make a note to visit the BMW Museum in Northern Munich. This museum features the entire history of this brand and both the cars and motorcycles.

Another delight for the beer lovers is Hofbräuhaus. It is the most popular beer hall in the city. This place was initially a brewery which was later turned into a beer hall.

The Palaces are also a must-visit. The summer residence of the royalty was the Nymphenburg Palace. This is a magnificent place with luxurious interiors and intricate decorations. The Palace is surrounded by breathtaking gardens and lulush greenery.

If you are looking for an open environment to relax and have fun, then you must go for a stroll at the English Garden when you rent a Bugatti in Munich. It is a huge park where visitors can picnic or just relax. Near to the entrance of the park, you will see a river where you can surf or go boating. If you want just to chill, go to the beer garden at the centre of the park.

If technology impresses you, then you must visit the Deutsches Museum. This museum displays exhibits related to engineering construction, natural sciences, and aerospace. The Olympiapark is also a great place for activities. There are facilities to go swimming, skating, and cycling.

To make your visit more convenient and luxurious, hire a Bugatti in Munich from Apex Luxury Car Hire. We offer the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for our clients to stroll through the streets of this beautiful place. Renting a supercar is the best way to visit all the landmarks. To learn more about our pricing give us a call today.

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