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Rent a Ferrari in Munich

Munich is an inviting and inspiring destination. There is a little something for everyone. Though the city is known for its beer and festivals, it offers a lot more than that.

To begin with, this place is a gorgeous and scenic city which has plenty of beautiful parks and gardens. The first and foremost place that you need to visit is the English Garden. This vast garden is a hub of outdoor activities and excitement. You can skate, surf, cycle, picnic or simply relax under the shady trees. There is also a beer garden in the middle of the park where you can enjoy a mug of chilled beer.

The Hofbräuhaus is a famous beer hall because it is said that it was at this venue that Hitler delivered his first speech to the Nazi Party. This beer hall serves fantastic food, and soothing music plays in the background. However, the place is usually packed with customers and getting a seat might be difficult.

The historical sites are also a must visit when you rent a Ferrari in Munich. The old town hall at Marienplatz was a former German military base. The clock on top of the hall is also an interesting site. Other remarkable sites include the Frauenkirche (Dome), the Residenz, the Alter Peter and the Königsplatz.

Art and music have great prominence in Germany's culture. There are around 36 museums, four symphony orchestras, and 61 theaters located in and around the city. It also houses the largest number of publishing houses in all of Germany.

The castles are another attractive feature of the city. Though there are lots of beautiful castles, the Neuschwanstein Castle is the fairest of them all! It is surrounded by a beautiful garden and has wonderfully decorated interiors and sophisticated exteriors. This castle was built by built by King Ludwig II, but the works remained unfinished due to his sudden demise.

The Allianz Arena is also a must visit. If you love football, you need to watch a match in this magnificent stadium. The BMW Museum is also a must visit for enthusiasts of this brand. It is located in Northern Germany and showcases the entire history of the brand and its manufacturing of both cars and motorcycles.

Germans love their events and festivals. The Oktoberfest is a paramount festival that is held in the month of September. If you enjoy drinking beer, then you must hire a Ferrari in Munich during the Oktoberfest. It is a 16-day long beer fest which is celebrated by drinking beer and eating pretzels.

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