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Rent a Mercedes in Munich

Mercedes cars are the best in terms of comfort, performance, and safety. These are excellent reasons to own one. But if you are on a holiday in Munich, you can experience the splendour of driving one of these by renting a Mercedes in Munich.

This place is a great European vacation destination. Why? Because it offers beautiful sights, delicious food and drinks, and loads of activities for everyone. Whether it is a short weekend trip or a whole week stay, you can get the best of it when you drive around in an extravagant luxury vehicle.

Renting a car is a great option because there are several landmarks in the city, which are at a distance from one another. So rent a Mercedes in Munich, you can explore the city at your pace.

The first spot you should tour is the English Garden. It is a large park which spreads over 910 acres. There are lots of activities offered at the park such as surfing, skating, and swimming. This massive garden has a Greek Temple, Japanese tea house, and a Chinese Pagoda. There is also a huge beer garden at the centre of the park.

If you love architecture, then you are in luck, because the city comprises of beautiful contemporary and traditional structures. You should visit the Marienplatz to see the monuments and architecture. The nearby churches also offer delightful works of art, some works as old as six decades.

There are several interesting museums in the city, but the Alte Pinakothek is the most popular one. It has over 800 exhibits which date back to the Middle Ages. There are also paintings by Altdorfer, Frans Hals, Titian and Albrecht Dürer displayed at this museum. Moving on, there are lots of castles situated all over the city. The roads to these palaces go through beautiful and scenic regions of the city.

Oktoberfest is an event that you should not miss. It is a beer festival that is held in the month of September. Gallons of beer are poured out during the fest, and beautiful parades are also held. The main attraction of Oktoberfest is its beers and huge pretzels.

There are also lots of breweries and beer halls all over the city. It is also home to the headquarters of some big corporations such as MAN and BMW. There is also a BMW museum located here, which explains the history and development of this German car brand and you should definitely check it out from the comfort of your Mercedes rental in Munich.

The German cuisine is also very delectable; the various kinds of sausages and beer are a hearty combination. There is a wide array of famous restaurants all over the city offering delicious dishes to visitors. Kaufingerstrasse pedestrianized zone has some of the best high-end retails shops such as Fendi, Cartier, Montblanc, etc. This place offers exquisite fashion at an excellent price.

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