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Rent a Prestige Car in Munich

Munich, the largest city and capital of Bavaria in Germany is known in popular imagination for many things - culinary treats such as Bratwurst, some of the best beer in the world and cultural events featuring thigh slapping lederhosen clad locals. What is not as well known is that this is one of the most important cities in Germany for business travelers and that it has a thriving cafe and art scene. In fact this city is not only a haven for those who want an authentic German experience, but also for those who want to do business in the largest economy in Europe.

Of course many international visitors flock to this place to enjoy fine beer and fun during September and October every year when the massively popular Oktoberfest transforms the town courtesy of this event which has its origins in an agricultural festival that was first held in the city in 1811. Today it attracts over 6 million visitors and serves just under 8 million liters of beer every year, along with traditional foods such as roast chicken and pork.

But it's not only Oktoberfest that draws visitors to this German town. History buffs will be delighted at the large numbers of museums and cultural attractions (the Deutsches Museum is tremendously popular as are the Pinakothek Art Galleries), as well as art galleries that can be found throughout the city. For food lovers a visit to the Hofbräuhaus is an absolute must. Established in 1644 it's here that visitors can explore traditional beer, food such as the world famous roasted pork knuckle (or some excellent pretzels) while listening to a great oompah band.

Truly this city has got something for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in either the business environment or enjoy some great fun. If you really want to get under the skin of this place while spending your time as you want then hiring a prestige car in Munich is the way to really experience the city on your own time. For business travelers prestige car rental has a lot to offer. The chore of getting from meeting to meeting is made a whole lot more relaxing leaving you refreshed when you have to do that important deal.

For leisure travelers prestige car rental means that you don't have to be part of a tour group being hustled from place to place - you're free to enjoy the wonders of the great middle European city at your own pace. Renting a prestige car in Munich is easy and practical and gives you the option to choose from a variety of motor vehicles including luxury German brands such as Mercedes and BMW, as well as other luxurious brands like Range Rover and Jaguar. Whatever your choice you'll be able to enjoy a car that will make travel around Berlin an absolute pleasure, even for the most jaded of business or leisure traveler. So next time you're planning a trip to Munich make sure that you book your favorite car and make your visit an absolute pleasure.

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