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Rent a Bugatti in Stuttgart

Is the city of Stuttgart on your wish list for city breaks this year? If it is, you are in for a treat! Stuttgart is a German city that fuses historic charm with modern industry, making it a break that nearly anyone will enjoy. While there are endless things to see and do in the city, one priority that is on the minds of many tourists is shopping. So what is the shopping like in this city? Let us explain.

To get the real feel for the shopping experience that the city has to offer you need to head for the expansive Schlossplatz. Here you will find locals and tourists mingling together in the numerous shops and stores. It's not just all about shopping here though. Instead you can enjoy the shopping experience while at the same time being surrounded by a taste of the past. Some of the buildings in the area date right back to the time when the city was a royal capital. In fact in the center you will find a stunning open space with the Jubilee Column and pretty gardens - the perfect setting for a shopping spree!

Since you are already in the Schlossplatz don't miss out on seeing the 'Neues Schloss', to us that's the New Palace. This stunning palace was once home to kings, today it is used by the state government. A walk around this impressive building is sure to give you plenty to admire and of course be sure to have your camera at the ready. Close by you will also find the Altes Schloss, or the Old Castle. With a history that dates right back to the 10th century and boasting an arcaded courtyard and collections of medieval art, clocks, instruments and watches, this attraction is certainly worth dedicating time to.

There is no doubt plenty of attractions to visit during your stay in the city, however one question does arise; how do you plan to travel to each of them? It's time to give some thought to a Bugatti rental in Stuttgart. City breaks always call for a chance to indulge in comfort and luxury, your car rental shouldn't be any exception to that rule. So how about opting to rent a Bugatti in Stuttgart? You can be sure that your travel time in this type of car rental is going to be just as special as the attractions you plan to visit.

Choosing to hire a Bugatti in Stuttgart gives you the opportunity to drive in style, arrive in fashion and enjoy everything that luxury cars have to offer. The only problem with renting this type of car, is that you won't want to give it back! So if you are planning a trip to this wonderful German city, be sure to check out all of the attractions in advance so that you can make the best use of your time. Then all that's left to do is step into your luxury car and enjoy every second of your driving experience.

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