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Rent a Lamborghini in Stuttgart

Are you in the mood for a city getaway that combines historic charm with modern industry? How about adding excellent shopping, fun attractions and a generous serving of culture? If we have just described an ideal city break for you and your travel partners, then you may want to consider Stuttgart in Germany as your next destination.

What does this city have to offer tourists? One attraction that many people enjoy is the Königstraße and the Hauptbahnhof. This is a shopping experience that promises a little indulgence and luxury. You will find ample choice of boutiques, galleries and department stores, as well as fine dining, live shows and an abundance of cafes. It's a venue that isn't easy to miss. With a 58 meter high tower showcasing a stunning Mercedes logo, you can enjoy a taste of culture, as well as a chance for some serious shopping.

A visit to the city also gives you the opportunity to see the Weissenhof Estate. Built in 1927 by a team of leading international architects this influential housing development has an interesting story to tell. A visit to the Weissenhof Museum will provide you with the chance to see many intriguing exhibits and understand much more of the history of the estate. Speaking of history, if you have time to put the Collegiate Church on your itinerary you'll be sure to get a real flavor for the city you are visiting. Founded in the 12th century, rebuilt in the 15th century and repaired in 1958, there is no shortage of history here. You will also have the chance to see the 17th century burial vaults, as well as the 16th century Renaissance figures of the Counts of Württemberg.

We could talk all day about the attractions and sights to see in Stuttgart. However, without a means of transport, it would be difficult to make the best use of your time in the city. Instead of opting for run of the mill car hire, why not decide to treat yourself and your travel partners and organize to rent a Lamborghini in Stuttgart? Having any reliable car rental in a city is a good thing. It lets you take control of your time and set your own itinerary. However if you choose to treat yourself to a luxury choice, such as the decision to hire a Lamborghini in Stuttgart, the benefits become a lot more than simply practical.

The Lamborghini is a car that knows how to make a statement. It's not happy to simply transfer you from one place to another, instead it wants to give you a passion for being on the road. In fact, weeks after you return home from your city break you may find that you are dreaming about your Lamborghini rental in Stuttgart even more than the stunning city itself! Remember, car hire is about much more than simply being practical, that's why you should choose nothing short of luxury.

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