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Rent a Jeep in Monaco

The world’s second smallest independent state has everything that a tourist desires. We are talking about Monaco, which lies on the Mediterranean Sea encircled by France and is mostly urban. This country can be easily reached via land route from France and Italy while for the rest of the world, sea and air routes are available.

If you are an avid tourist, then visiting the country by renting a Jeep in Monaco is a good option. The availability of different models will provide you various options to choose from.

A simple reason you should go for a Jeep rental in Monaco is that the roads here are very scenic which include:

  • The Basse Corniche
  • Grande Corniche or the Great Coast Road
  • Moyenne Corniche

These roads lie along the coastline so picking a luxury car to roam on these pathways would bring a pleasurable traveling experience for you. Choosing to hire a Jeep in Monaco is going to make it a pretty drive for you because this vehicle has the following attractive features:

  • The interiors are comfortable for long drives
  • Seating is of premium level
  • Music can be enjoyed along the ride with the radio system that is MP3 format compatible and has an audio jack input along with a CD player
  • It has washable interiors so it is easy to be cleaned as it comes with a drain plug-in, so one can easily indulge in muddy fun as well
  • There is ample storage available in the vehicle due to foldable seats. These fold and tumble seats can be adjusted accordingly to keep your valuables secure
  • Reaching out for the items is easier because of the storage nets attached within the doors
  • The audio system is best in class and has weather resistant woofers to get surround sound

A number of models are generally comprised of the above features but definitely, variations can be seen. All these attributes sum up for providing you an easy journey across this country and making you experience the nature here in its fullest form closely.   

Why other modes of travel are not preferable?

The routes all over the country are covered by other modes of transports like helicopter, buses, train and boat. However, several reasons are there which will encourage you to rent a Jeep in Monaco. There are several shores on which the boats don’t anchor, therefore most of the passengers face problems here. For instance, Fontvieille port does not offer walking distances even, so hop into your luxury ride and explore the land in a comfortable way.   

Picking a helicopter for an aerial ride of this place may end up being a bit troublesome, as you will have to wait for a considerable time for boarding. Besides that, carrying your luggage to the helicopter site is not going to be convenient as well. So, make your journey more pleasurable by hiring a luxury vehicle and indulge in the endless beauty of the lovely beaches here!

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
would like more information about us, our fleet or our services please don’t hesitate to ask.