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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Monte Carlo

Luxury Car Rental Monte Carlo is an excellent way to experience this amazing and very famous city. When the house of Grimaldi needed to earn money, Napoleon III allowed them to build the Monte Carlo casino. The rest was history.

Monte Carlo is built on an escarpment below the Alps and is situated on the French Riviera. Monte Carlo housed Monaco’s first casino and gambling has been the chief cause of income to Monaco. With a mild climate and beautiful scenery it has become one of the most popular destinations for the rich and famous.

Many hotels have been built in Monte Carlo, while jewellers have increased by 500 %. Money was so abundant that in 1869 tax was no longer sought, this turned Monaco into a tax haven for the rich. Once a railway system linked Monte Carlo with Paris, success was assured.

Monte Carlo has mild rainy winters and warm dry summers and the best thing about the place is that it never gets too hot which is down to the coastal breezes. Try luxury car hire Monte Carlo now and discover its many delights at your own pace.

The famous part of Monte Carlo is where the Monte Carlo Casino is. It is actually one of the traditional quarters of Monaco, with the others being La Condamine, Monaco-Ville and Fontvieille. The population of the ward of Monte Carlo is some 3,500 people, while the quarter itself is around 15,000.

The Casino is placed in the western end and it is that gambling centre that has made Monte Carlo a byword for extravagance and wealth. Its western border crosses into the French town of Beausoleil.

Worth visiting in the area are the Cafe de Paris, the Hotel de Paris and the casino theatre 'the Salle Garnier' which is home of the Monte Carlo Opera. To the east are the public beaches and the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. A further 8 km east lays Italy.

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