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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Algarve

Portugal remains one of Europes hottest holiday destination - both in a figurative and literal sense. during the tourist season, the sunshine lights up the country so that its true beauty - and the welcoming nature of its people can shine through. Portugal truly is a magical place - the cuisine, the wine, the culture, the history and the sheer natural wonder (as well as great value for money) of its many regions continue to draw tourists from all over the world.

However, there is one region of Portugal that epitomizes the attractions of the wonderful country - the Algarve.

The Algarve is a stretch of golden sands and rocky shore that stretches along the Southern parts of Portugal. It is here that those who are intimately familiar with the attractions of Portugal come to play. It boasts wonderful natural beauty, magnificent traditional fishing villages and incredible opportunities to enjoy fabulous cuisine in a relaxed environment. However, those who think that the Algarve is a place that time has simply passed by ignore the world-class resorts and pulsating nightlife that is also on offer in the region.

The Algarve has something to offer every holidaymaker visiting Portugal. It is the ideal destination for families, history buffs, those in search of insights into the culture of this country of the edge of the Mediterranean or those in search of sheer excitement and an adrenaline filled vacation.

For those in search of that excitement, a required stop is the "Strip' in Albufeira. Here nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other attractions contribute to an air of hedonistic enjoyment of the incredible atmosphere. During summer its a place where anything goes.

Enjoying the food on the Algarve is part and parcel of the entire experience. It almost goes without saying that the seafood simply must be experienced to understand the care that is taken in the preparation and the depths of flavor that are available. in this part of Portugal, the 'Cataplana' (a type of seafood stew) should be on the bucket list of any lover of fine food.

South of Lagos one finds the Ponte da Piedade. A rocky part of the coastline where jagged golden cliff plunge towards the warm sea. Pillars stand just offshore and hidden grottos beg for exploration.

For those who want to see some of the most daring surfers in the world test themselves against giant waves then a trip to Cabo de São Vicente should not be missed. this laid back 'surfer style' town is wonderful to throw off the cares of modern life. To truly understand just how beautiful the beaches of the Algarve can leave those windswept cliffs behind and travel to Praia da Marinha - the most beautiful beach on the Algarve. Here golden sandstone cliffs hug the equally golden sands and the abundant marine life begs to be explored by those who want to don a snorkel.

For those who want to explore this magnificent part of Portugal, there are numerous options when it comes to accommodation. However, those who truly wish to treat themselves will explore some of the luxury hotels and resorts that can be found on the Algarve. Exclusive options abound. Hotels such as the Conrad Algarve consistently receive five-star ratings from guests. There are numerous luxury options (the Epic Sana Algarve is another) that all boast sumptuous décor, incredible ambiance, personalized service, award-winning dining options and stunning locations.

Choose one of these magnificent hotels or a resort of similar quality - and make sure that what would have been a magnificent Algarve experience becomes one that will provide treasured memories that last a lifetime.

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