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Rent a Chauffeur Car in Portugal

Driving in Portugal can be difficult because the streets are narrow and can be hard to navigate. If you are going to be taking a holiday in this country, you might want to consider a chauffeur service in Portugal. You won't have to deal with the driving and you will be taken anywhere you want to go. One of the first places you will want your driver to take you is the Boca do Inferno. It means the mouth of hell and this rock formation really does look like the mouth from hell. Ocean waves crash through the rock. This natural wonder is a must see. You can spend some time walking along the coast and the nearby town is a great place to stop off for something to eat.

Roman ruins are always interesting to see and Conimbriga is well-preserved. The tile work is amazing and you can visit the forum, baths, and a theater. Some of the homes still have their mosaics on the wall. When you are done exploring, you can visit the museum that is at the site which gives you more information about what life would have been like during Roman times. 

If you love port wine, you will want your private chauffeur in Portugal to take you to the Douro Valley. This is where the grapes are grown for port. There are groves of cherry trees, olives and almond trees. A river cuts through this verdant farmland and you can take a cruise through the entire thing and marvel at the beauty of it. Make sure to sip some port before you leave and have a meal at one of the many fine restaurants in the area.

If you love aquariums, then you will want to pay a visit to the Oceanarium. It is the second largest aquarium in the world. There are four different aquariums that recreate the four different oceans and there is a tank you can walk through that brings together all the different ecosystems. There are also open air exhibits that have penguins, otters and other marine animals. Guimaraes is an interesting place to visit. You will find architecture that dates from many different periods here, all the way back to the 10th century. There are castles, a monastery and traditional buildings you can explore as well as plenty of place to eat and shop. You can make an entire day of it here.

Another place to visit that is interesting and historical is the rock art site in the Coa Valley. Here you will find a huge collection of Paleolithic rock art that depicts animals, and the people who were hunting them. There are lots of different rock art figures to explore. Having a Portugal chauffeur gives you a totally different experience and you will relax and enjoy not having to drive everywhere. Portugal is full of surprises and it is a place that you are definitely going to want to visit at some point.

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