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Rent a Fiat in Faro

Have you ever considered taking an incredible vacation in the beautiful city of Faro? Many travelers never consider this underrated and vibrant city as part of their travel itinerary. Most people may not think there is much to see or do in this old walled city. However, when you rent a Fiat in Faro, you are opening up a world that will astound and delight you. Let's take a look at how a rental car can change your entire vacation as well as a few sights around that you must see with your Fiat!

One of the main issues people have with going on vacation is the problem of getting around a city they are unfamiliar with. Whether it be ny bus, cab or other means, it can be rather confusing. Not to mention how expensive it can be to continually pay taxi fares to get to the sights you want to see. As for buses, they may be less expensive, yet they are much more inconvenient. Most people want to enjoy their vacations, not be stuck waiting on a bus schedule. With this in mind, you can see how much more convenient and affordable a rental car can be while here in Portugal. Let's take a look at just a few sights you can enjoy while here.

One of the most popular destinations on any vacation is taking the time to enjoy the surf. This is no exception in this Portuguese city, as it has some truly incredible beaches. One of the most popular not far from the airport is Praia de Faro. This beach is virtually unknown by foreign tourists, which means you get to enjoy a virtually private beach. There are few better areas to enjoy a gorgeous rental car like a Fiat than along these beautiful beaches.

If you are the type of vacationer who likes to live on the wild see and see the unique side of a city, there is no better area than that of the Capela dos Ossos, otherwise known as the Chapel of Bones. In what seems to be a building pulled right out of a bad horror movie, there are few attractions as unique as this in the world. The chapel's walls are built with the bones of over 1.000 monks that had been buried on the property. As you enter into the chapel, it is a rather odd feeling to be looked down upon by the skulls of so many monks!

Considering you thought ahead and found a Fiat rental in Faro, you have the opportunity to take a side trip to Estoi. Estoi is home to the pink palace also known as Palacio de Estoi, as well as the Roman ruins. While the palace is now an exclusive hotel it is still fine to visit it and it should not be missed. The area is home to gorgeous gardens and the palace has been returned to it state of former glory. The Roman ruins are a glorious trip into the past have been perfectly preserved over the years. This side trip is only available if you take the time to hire a Fiat in Faro!

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