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Rent a Hummer in Lisbon

Lisbon is described as a cosmopolitan city that offers great access and is a few short hours from the European capital. When you rent a Hummer in Lisbon, there is so much on offer you may find it a difficult task to visit all those attractions. However, here are a few of the locations you won?t want to miss on your travels through Portugal. The Castle of S’o Jorge should be the first place that you visit. This is the very highest point of the city and is set in the middle of the most typical neighborhoods. This is an opportunity to gain an understanding and feel of the relationship between the city and the river Tagus.

Regardless of whether you enjoy listening to the style of music known as Fado, a romantic candlelight dinner with this music in the background is something you do not want to miss out on. Another popular destination would have to be Terreiro do Pa?o which is the biggest square throughout the entire city, and an iconic symbol after it was rebuilt from the great earthquake that occurred in 1755. Today, you can enjoy a beautiful walk alongside the river or take a boat ride and experience this city at its very finest.

When in search of one of the best SUV?s in the world, considering to hire a Hummer in Lisbon is the ideal choice. These extremely large road tanks have grown in popularity in the last decade and are now regarded as a symbol of the ?cr?me de la cr?me? when it comes to off-roading vehicles. The history behind the Hummer is associated with a prototype that was built by AM general in 1979 known as a High Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). The vehicle was dedicated for the army. By the year 1983 more than 55,000 HMMWVs were produced in the US and were sold to places such as the Defense Company, and LTV Aerospace.

This is when the car was recognized as a superior vehicle and was later notorious in playing a significant role when it came to the Persian Gulf Wars. In the year 1992, the first civilian version was introduced by the company AM General and to date there are now 7 various models available from more than 40 Hummer dealerships across the US and around 12 distributors on an international level.

In the year 1999, General Motors acquired the possession on the brand name and started the production of the H2. The H2 with its GM Suburban frame is not what you will expect from an ordinary SUV. This is one of the most supreme off-road vehicles and what may feel like decreased engine speed when driving around town is due to the rugged-terrain design. For off-road purposes you can discover any part of Lisbon that may not be accessible with an ordinary vehicle. Driving a Hummer rental in Lisbon is going to be an experience that you will probably never forget.

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