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Rent a Bentley in Porto

Porto is a special Portuguese beach town on the water that has many different faces. It is both something of a fabled village, yet has the bustle of a modern place, while allowing the space to let your hair down to relax. Of course, what would Portugal be without plenty of wine and Port, and a good serving of fish and meat? Take it all in, including the beautiful skyline port-side at Cais De Gaia.

Get up close and personal with the fabled Medieval town by visiting the Cais De Ribeira for yourself. Despite the people in their contemporary wear or modern vehicles, it will still allow you to feel in touch with the bygone ages that are part of the vast history of this seaport town. For a glimpse of the breathtaking artistry exercised in the Middle Ages, be sure to check out Sao Francisco Church. It is a testament to a different time, where riches and artwork were married and put into breathtaking arrangements to honor God.

The city and the nation's strong and long-lasting ties to Catholicism are alive throughout Portugal. In this city alone, there are several fantastic churches to visit both for their spiritual replenishment, as well as their phenomenal gilded artwork, paintings, metalwork, sculptures and Portuguese painted tiles. The former site of its stock exchange is even a site to behold. The city spared nothing in its many lifetimes as far as artwork go. Take a trip to see the Palacio da Bolsa to take in another gem among gems.

Now, while doing all of this traveling and sightseeing, there surely has got to be a reliable and fast way to get around. Many who are traveling prefer not to give up their freedom and want to drive in another town or foreign country. Some tourists prefer to go all out while they are abroad. Take on a luxury car by renting a vehicle through Apex Luxury Car Hire. We provide the best luxury available for those traveling far and wide within Porto. Many have this false notion that they must forgo luxury, style, and creature comforts -- particularly luxuries -- when they go on vacation.

Well, we are here to let you know we broke the mold on that notion. Through us, Apex Luxury Car Hire we give you the option to rent a Bentley in Porto. We find it is a great way to make the most of a special trip. It provides a whole other set of pleasant memories and experiences, whether mother nature cooperates or dashes that pleasant vacation feel with rain. Look at the many vehicle models available when you want to hire a Bentley in Porto. It is a way to take a trip to a much higher level while still experiencing the location for all that it has to offer. From fine dining to haute couture to tours of cathedrals of the Middle Ages, look to ride in luxury every step of the way. Call us today for your Bentley rental in Porto!

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