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Rent a Fiat in Porto

When you are traveling to Portugal, you don't want to miss Porto. Porto is famous for producing port wine, but it is also packed with history and culture. There are magnificent bridges, medieval districts, and cobbled streets that take you back in time. The city has spectacular churches and the food is fantastic. With plenty of cafes to choose from and more seafood restaurants than you can count, both your mind and your palate are going to be stimulated. When you rent a Fiat in Porto you can enjoy traveling with flair.

One of the first sites you are going to want to visit in your rental Fiat is the Palÿcio da Bolsa. It is one of the most gorgeous buildings in the city and you can take a guided tour to explore it. The tours start in the medieval cloister and end the impressive Arabian ballroom. After the tour you can cross an ancient bridge to view the famous Port wine cellars.

Be sure to visit the museum at the Port wine cellars. You can also taste some Port and tour the cellars and tunnels. If you start feeling hungry you can even eat at the restaurant there. After your visit to the wine cellars you will want to drive your Fiat over to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade. The saint of the chapel was said to protect the port wine barrels as they crossed the river. There is a nearby monastery and you can take a cable car to the Garden of Morro and tour the garden.

The city center is bustling with activity. You will find the work of talented fashion designers and there are plenty of bakeries that offer colorful and tasty treats. Outdoor markets abound where you will see food and flowers in a rainbow of colors, as well as local crafts. If you haven't had your fill of port and wine you can enjoy a wide selection of port and wine from one of the many local pubs. The city center offers amazing food and you can find a wide range of foods in every price range. Whether you want traditional cuisine or you want gourmet dishes, you can find them at the city center.

Once you have finished your meal, you can visit the Lello bookstore. It is considered to be the third most beautiful bookstore in the entire world. It features distinctive concrete staircases and a huge collection of books. If you love music, you will want to make a trip to the Casa da Mœsica. You can explore a wide variety of music and there are even free shows that you can take advantage of while you are visiting. When you hire a Fiat in Porto, you get to explore the wonders of the city in a stylish car that is exciting to drive. Driving a Fiat rental in Porto is going to make your trip more fun and you are going to love the thrill of the drive.

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