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Rent a Mini Cooper in Porto

Porto regarded as once a medieval and small town has progressed into a world-renowned city that is popular for its culture and the unique mixture of modern amusements and traditional charms. You can experience the winding streets, appealing al fresco restaurants, historic architecture and the UNESCO designated ?old town? when you rent a Mini Cooper in Porto.

This city is also a fantastic haven for any wine aficionados where you can travel along the river where you can find an extensive array of ?riverside? wine caves. These are the spots where you are able to learn about the heritage of this city as well as sample some of the ports on offer. Some popular attractions you may want to add to your list would be Vila Nova de Gaia which is a charming village where you can view terracotta-roofed historic warehouses which what contributed to making this area famous.

Another fantastic way to experience the old charms that Porto has to offer would be to visit Rua Santa Catarina. This area is lined by ancient stone sidewalks along with upmarket boutiques and on the south side you find some of the most stunning architecture that includes the S’o Jo’o theatre and the Santo Ildefonso. Europe is described as one of the best continents to take advantage of a luxury car hire, such as a Mini Cooper rental in Porto. In an area as exquisite as Portugal, you will soon discover that a compact and stylish vehicle is just the right car to get you around in style. Regardless of why you have decided to visit the city for leisure or business reasons a cute rental car can fulfill all your needs while in this beautiful city.

The S or the Convertible version means driving around one of the cult icons. This is the type of car that offers an easy way to drive as well as park in the city. It also adds some fun and style into your adventures around town. If you like feeling the wind through your hair on a hot summer?s day then the Mini Convertible is the perfect option for you and your partner. The car is compact means traveling along narrow or winding streets is a breeze. The convertible Mini?s can really add to that unforgettable vacation you have been craving for.

If you are planning on traveling with your family, but have your heart set on a Mini Cooper, then your best option would be the Clubman S. This is a car that still offers a compact feeling but does not compromise on space for all your luggage. All the Mini?s feature state-of-the-art technology and gadgets that ensure that your driving experience is pleasurable regardless of whether you take short trips from one destination to another or have decided to go on a long road trip. Some of the features to look forward to would be the toggle ignition and keyless entry. Call us today to hire a Mini Cooper in Porto.

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