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Rent a Volkswagen in Portugal

If you are looking forward to visiting Portugal, then you certainly have many reasons to be excited. Most people would agree that this country is full of rich history and culture, so no matter where your primary interests lie, you will always be able to find something interesting to see and do during your stay. However, one of the biggest considerations you need to keep in mind will be the type of rental vehicle you choose, although many people would agree that choosing to rent a Volkswagen in Portugal is a sensible and logical decision.

In this overview, we're going to highlight many of the best attractions that are on offer when you visit Portugal, and you will also learn a few more details in regards to the different models of rental car you may wish to hire during your visit. First of all, perhaps one of the biggest attractions this place has to offer is the Belem district, which is home to several of the most striking historic monuments you will find throughout the country. Not only is this district one of the most visited areas of the capital, but there are dozens of interesting things to see such as the Maritime Museum, the Monument to the Discoveries, and a range of 15th-century delights that will almost feel like you're stepping back in time.

When it comes to booking a Volkswagen rental in Portugal, you have many options available to you so let's take a look at some of the most popular ones. The Polo is a well-engineered and highly economical choice that will give you anything up to 56 mpg, making it an excellent choice for people on a tight budget. The car boasts a generous boot size, especially considering the overall size of the vehicle, and there's even a handy false floor which you can use to hide valuables when you are out of the car and exploring the surrounding areas.

The cabin is very spacious and comfortable, and the unique design manages to keep wind and engine noise to an absolute minimum. Finally, the handling is an absolute dream, and you will find that the carefully tuned suspension makes every trip a comfortable experience. Alternatively, you may prefer to rent the Golf, which is another highly comfortable and reliable vehicle that is great for taking your family for a drive. It comes with five comfortable seats and enough room to store a few suitcases, while the low fuel consumption technology means you will average around 60 mpg without any trouble at all.

Of course, there are several other options available for anybody who is looking for a larger vehicle, such as the Caddy or you could even choose the sporty convertible model known as the Eos. At the end of the day, deciding to hire a Volkswagen in Portugal is a great decision for the person who values comfort and quality, as well as affordability and easy driving. Regardless of the model you pick, a Volkswagen is definitely going to add a great deal of comfort and flexibility to your trip.

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