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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Ibiza

A brief history of Ibiza

Luxury car rental Ibiza is the finest possible way of getting the most out of this wonderful island. Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the third biggest of the Balearic islands. The origin of the word Ibiza comes from the Phoenician 'iboshim', when they settled here in 645 BC. Ironically the word 'iboshim' is dedicated to the god of music and dance, Bes. Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians controlled this major trading post in the Mediterranean but when Rome took over, it was removed from the important Roman routes and became a quiet little trading town.

Next to take over were the Vandals, then Byzantium and the Moors came late in 990 AD. The Norwegian king Sigurd I of Norway took it from the Arabs a hundred years later and then the Court of Aragon invaded in 1235, where the Muslim population was asked to leave after which it remained autonomous until 1715 when Spain took control.

Nowadays Ibiza is all about the pleasures of music and dance with its nightlife which is key to this island. Famed for both the clubs and its music, Ibiza is highly popular with tourists and known as 'the Gomorrah of the Med' where young adults have serious fun. Try Luxury car hire Ibiza today and see for yourself what the island of pleasure has to offer. Imagine yourself cruising along the coastline in one of the latest models of Mercedes Benz or Ferrari. When you rent a luxury car, there is nothing stopping you. The best choice is a rental car from popular brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche or Mercedes Benz. This will allow you to enjoy Ibiza and the Balearic Islands to the fullest. Don't hesitate and call us today to rent a luxury car from the most exclusive brands, such as Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and many more.

Hire A Luxury Vehicle in Ibiza For An Amazing Experience

In Ibiza town and San Antoni, you can visit legendary nightclubs like Pacha, Eden, Es Paradis, Space, Privilige, Amnesia and DC10 to name a few. Top DJ’s visit the island in the summer and Ibiza is important, as it’s the place for playing new songs and trance anthems. Electronic dance music is the main theme with house and trance dominating the scene. In 2005, Ibiza Rocks started adding to the types of music available with Prodigy, Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs all playing.

Go On A Sight-Seeing Tour And Explore The Island In Style

There are many places of interest that you will want to make sure that you get to see while you are in Ibiza. Turn your trip into a luxury holiday when you rent a luxury car in Ibiza. Rent luxury vehicles from our fleet of premium models such as Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many other popular brands. No matter if you are here for an important business meeting or just want to enjoy Ibiza at your own pace, we can deliver the car to Ibiza airport or drop off the luxury car in Ibiza at your hotel. You will want to make it a point to visit the Dalt Vila, the old town, where there are plenty of beaches and nightclubs. Book a car rental such as a Mercedes Benz or any other favourite exotic model from our fleet. When you are in Ibiza rent luxury cars! Luxury car rental in Ibiza is simply the best way to get around. Take in all of the fun with the sun and the water on the beaches. Boating and more are all in store for you when you visit this area. You will be amazed at all of the choices that you will have. Make sure that you bring along your swimsuit so that you can go into the water. You will enjoy the time that you spend at the water's edge and the beautiful scenery that goes along with it. It is something to experience. You will really enjoy yourself when you are there. It will prove to be an awesome time and then, you can head out for the nightlife to experience even more fun - especially when you decide to rent luxury vehicles from our fleet and arrive in style with your personal luxury car in Ibiza. Luxury car rental in Ibiza is the most comfortable way of traveling, no matter if you are alone or in a group. When you are in Ibiza rent luxury cars, you don't have to wait for public transport or deal with annoying passengers you never met. Arrive at the Ibiza airport and travel to your hotel with your own luxury car in Ibiza. Just imagine the experience when we drop off a shiny Mercedes Benz in front of your hotel and you are off to the races. People never regret the decision to rent luxury vehicles once they've done it for the first time.

The Best Places To Visit During Your Trip

You should also visit the Cathedral of Ibiza for some fascinating culture and awesome scenery. You can get a lot of great pictures when you stop at this place and then you will want to go out and eat at one of the many restaurants in the area. There are so many to pick from so finding one that you think you will enjoy. There are all different types of cuisines that you will be able to taste so find out from the locals a place that you think that you will really like. Drive to it in your luxury rental car so that you look fantastic when you are arriving at the restaurant. If there is valet parking, let them park the car for you so that you garner even more attention. You want to get the attention that you are seeking so that you can really feel like a star while you are in the area. It will be something that will make your day and you will enjoy all that you can while you are in Ibiza. It will be the time that you have been waiting for and you will finally get to do what you want to do. Rent luxury car in Ibiza to make the most of your trip. A Mercedes Benz makes for a great luxury car in Ibiza. We can drop off your luxury car rental in Ibiza at the Ibiza airport or wherever you need it.

You will love visiting Ibiza. Spend as much time as possible seeing all the sights and enjoy all that there is to do. You will be glad that you took the time to engage in as many sightseeing opportunities that you possibly can. With all that you will be able to do, you will never forget the time that you spent in the area. It will give you a lot of pleasure to be there and to take part in all that you can. Have a lot of fun while you are there and you will remember it forever.

Rent luxury car in Ibiza and enjoy your car rental for the entirety of your trip. You can rent luxury cars from our list of brands like Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Audi and many more. We can deliver your car rental anywhere, no matter if its your hotel or the Ibiza airport. When you rent luxury cars from us, you can expect timely delivery of your car rental as well as pick up when you are going to leave the island. Make the decision today to rent luxury car in Ibiza and enjoy your Mercedes Benz car rental wherever you decide to go. You can rent a luxury car in Ibiza and turn this holiday into the trip of your dreams. There are no limits to your car rental, no matter if its a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Mercedes Benz, we have them all.

A place For Clubbers, Artists and Underground Music

Hire a luxury car Ibiza now and arrive in style at all the best venues, experience the music including the underground music scene with musician’s artists and travellers from all over the world. The sunrises as you leave the nightclubs, don’t forget your sunglasses! June is the start of the season with Space and DC10 opening and the end of the season comes in October.

Just imagine pulling up to the clubs or café's in a BMW or Mercedes Benz - rent a luxury car in Ibiza and it becomes possible. With your own car rental, you are free to go wherever and whenever you please. Rent a luxury car in Ibiza and turn your business trip or holiday into something special. Book your car rental with us today and we promise an unforgettable experience when you rent a luxury car in Ibiza with us. Call us now for all of our car rental options.

Visit Cafe del Mar, the legendary bar in Ibiza and listen to the ambient music that spreads through the world, view the sunset and check out the club pre-parties, Cafe del Mar still hosts the best DJ's. Recently, new rules are making sure that the clubs are closed by 6 am and all new hotels are 5 star to bring in other tourists besides clubbers. So why not rent a luxury car Ibiza and see both sides of the island? Contact Apex today for a quote on the luxury car rental you require.

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