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Rent a Convertible in Madrid

Many engaged couples plan on getting married in Europe because of all the traditions, villages, old churches and other amenities there. After that, they're already in one of the prime destinations for the best honeymoon on earth. There are plenty  of ways to see Europe, but the best, by far, is by car. When you have a rental car you can go anywhere and spend as much time as you want without being hurried by some tour  guide. If you find a romantic hotel, you can stay the night or even two, if you want, without worrying.There are some things you'll want to plan ahead, though so that everything goes smoothly.

The different ways that the car rental agencies charge can make a big difference in what you pay for your entire honeymoon or vacation. Some will give you a certain number of miles per day as part of the normal rental, then charge heavily for each additional mile. If you plan on staying in the same general area of your wedding, that may not be a problem at all, but if you plan on driving from Spain to France, the cost could be prohibitive.

It's always best to ask lots of questions about the charges. Many of the rental places will give you the car with a full tank of gas, then charge you to fill it up when you return it, that's only fair. But, many times their price for gas is double or triple what you would normally pay at the filling station, so make sure you fill it up before you return it. Gas is already very expensive in most of Europe.

When you return any rental car the attendant will go over the entire body looking for any small dings, and then you'll pay for fixing them. So before you rent the car you'll want to inspect it yourself and point out all of the tiny dents and make note of their locations on the rental agreement. Also, check for a spare and jack in the trunk, and anything else in the glove box or otherwise, to make sure you aren't paying for something you never knew was there.

One of the best types of cars for almost any occasion is a convertible since the photographers will be able to take your pictures as you pull away. You'll get memorable videos and other nice shots as you drive off into wedded bliss. In addition to that, a convertible car hire is also a great way to see more and experience more of the views and countryside where you go.

You'll be able to see all around at the quaint villages and beautiful scenery that will surround you on your honeymoon. You should also ask the convertible rental in Madrid location if they're able to pick you up at the airport upon arrival, and if you can drop the car off there on your way home. Even if drop-off isn't available, many rental locations will happily drive you to the airport after you've dropped the car off and paid your bill.

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