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Rent an SUV in Madrid

Are you planning a trip to Madrid in the near future? Worried about how you are going to get around town during your vacation? Car rentals can be a great option. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be expensive; especially in other countries. If you don't want your car rental to cost as much as the vacation itself, then you need to practice some savvy shopping tips. Here are a few pointers for saving money on your SUV rental in Madrid.

Is The Name Worth The Money?

Often times, tourists Google car rental companies in the area they are traveling to. In this case, they would Google SUV rentals in Madrid. This might bring up a list of rental companies and most of them are big name brands that own rental companies in countries across the globe. These are the same big-name companies you see advertised on TV and the radio.

Just because a well-known company pops up first does not mean it should be the rental company you choose. As a matter of fact, these global corporations are usually significantly more expensive than independent competitors. Their overhead costs are much higher and thus their prices are much higher as well.

That doesn't mean the internet is any less helpful when you are searching for a local SUV rental in Madrid. It just means that you need to be prepared to look beyond the very top of the search results. It sounds easy, but statistics say that nearly 70 percent of people stick with the top three results.

Convenience Can Be Expensive

Nobody understands this better than an airport. You are fresh from a plane and you're hungry, thirsty, tired, and need a vehicle. Chances are, all of these things are available at the airport. The problem is that they are overly expensive. Airports and their businesses love to push prices to the maximum because they understand people are willing to pay more for convenience. Don't fall for this trap. Simply wait it out and take a taxi to the car rental place you've located. Even with the cab fare you will save up to thirty percent on your SUV rental.

Choose Your Timing Carefully

The timing of your rental will have a significant impact on the price, even in Madrid. For example, rentals are typically more expensive on the weekend. It isn't easy manipulating the schedule, but if it is at all possible, try renting the vehicle during a weekday and returning it during a weekday. In some instances you can save money by renting a car for longer than you need it just to avoid the weekend rates and then returning it early.

Shop around and compare prices as much as possible. Booking your rental well in advance of your arrival will make it more likely that you get the SUV you want at a price that you can afford. Avoid big name companies and airports. Finally, schedule your rental around the weekdays so you can avoid high weekend rates.

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