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Rent a Range Rover in Malaga

Are you preparing to take a vacation in the coming months to the beautiful city of Malaga? If not, you should add this wonderful city to places to visit. It is an inspiring city that has so much to offer. One can take a walk down these historic streets and come across modern and traditional storefronts and bars. The skyline is the same as historic church steeples compete with the modern buildings that are beginning to crop up. With a city so full of life and vibrancy it can be hard to decide what to do in a day. Let us help you make some of the best choices on your Costa del Sol vacation.

Before you even get to Andalusia, you should decide if you plan to use public transportation or rent a car. If you like to do things on your own schedule, it is best to rent a car. We are actually going to show you why you would want a Range Rover rental in Malaga.

As you drive around this beautiful port city, you are going to see some of the world's most beautiful beaches and striking architecture. Two of the most unique landmarks in the city are the Alcazaba and ruined Gibralfaro. These two citadels are historic remnants from when the area was under Moorish rule. In addition, to these two structures, one needs to take the time to visit the Renaissance cathedral. This gorgeous building is nicknamed La Manquita which means the one-armed lady due to one of the towers that was never finished.

If you are a lover of museums, there are several that you should have on your to-do list when you rent a Range Rover in Malaga. Considering this is where Pablo Picasso was born, it is understandable there is going to be a lot of information about his life and work. One of the best places to see some of his early work and discover who he was as a young man is at the Museo Picasso. Here you will find several of his early works that you can try to understand or compare with his later work.

Once you are finished trying to wrap your head around his work head over to the Automobile and Fashion Museum. Here you will find that the museum has taken two unlikely pairs and created a unique and interesting collection that everyone will enjoy. While there are no Range Rovers in the collection, you will find something intriguing.

Finally, if you are going to hire a Range Rover in Malaga, you need to take the drive to Granada. This 90-minute drive is stunning and will bring you to one of the true gems in Andalusia. Granada is an area where you could wander for days and simply get lost in the history and beauty. It is actually quite amazing that this much history has remained to this date. Take advantage of it and fall in love with this beautiful city.

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