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Rent a Supercar in Marbella

Spain can be one of the most incredible countries in Europe to see by car. There are so many great 'off the beaten path' destinations that can't be reached by tour bus or any other manner that you can easily reach when you rent a supercar in Marbella. The country sides are stunningly beautiful and the people are as friendly as anywhere on Earth. There are a couple of odd rules of the road that might catch anyone off guard, like you need to always have a spare pair of glasses if you're required to wear them when you drive. You'll have to watch out for the UK tourists that forget and drive on the wrong (left) side of the road, as there are a lot of them there. Plus, you'll have to make sure you have the required two reflective warning triangles in your car at all times. The blood alcohol limit is very low at .05% so even one drink can get you in the slammer.

Any kind of exotic car rental in Marbella is going to get plenty of attention in Spain. Everywhere you go there will be children gathered around the car wanting to touch it, or even take pictures with it to post online. You'll just have to relax and enjoy it, not much you can do. When driving in Spain, you'll always want to carry some spare cash, mostly in small bills, in order to pay any fines you might receive from the police. As a foreigner they'll need payment before they'll allow you to continue on your journey since they don't believe that you'll pay once you get back to your home country.

You should also have all of your documents ready like drivers license, insurance proof, passport and everyone needs to where a seatbelt, even in the backseats. Since you're driving a supercar rental in Marbella, you're more likely to get pulled over than otherwise, so just be prepared for it. One very odd practice in Spain is the giant U-turns that they take, first by going to the far right lane, then circling all the way to the left in a broad circle. Give them the right of way, and be very careful, Spain has a high accident rate compared to many other countries.

One of the strict rules of renting an exotic car in Marbella is that you'll be expected to take delivery of the car in person, you can't send an employee or anyone else. They'll check your photo ID and need you to sign the paperwork. Always take a few minutes to inspect the car, inside and out, for any damage to the body, paint, or upholstery because when you return the car the rental agent will check it over and charge you for any damage. There are always other rules as well, like no driving off the paved roads, no speeding, and only the driver on the rental agreement is allowed to drive the car.

A car vacation in Spain is a great idea and one of the more popular ways to see the country. If you take just a few precautions and plan everything well in advance, you'll have no problems, plus you'll have the time of your life driving a supercar in Marbella.

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