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Rent a Mini Cooper in Spain

It's safe to say that there are many fascinating and exciting attractions that are on offer in Spain, but it makes sense to pay careful attention to the type of rental car you choose for your visit to ensure you choose something that will perfectly accommodate the requirements you have during your stay. With this in mind, choosing a Mini Cooper rental in Spain is a good choice that will help you visit many of the major cities and ensure you get to see all of the major attractions that this place has to offer.

Perhaps one of the best attractions you'll want to see is the Plaza de Espana which you'll find in Seville. This famous architectural achievement is widely regarded as an incredibly stunning monument and it is also surrounded by some wonderful gardens as well as a huge water fountain at the front, making it an absolutely magical place to spend a few hours.

Additionally, you may be interested in visiting the Alhambra in Granada, which is a beautiful palace city set atop a hill and was originally the Kings Royal Palace. The location is kept in fantastic condition, and you can easily spend three or more hours here and still find new things to interest you. Of course, the type of rental car you choose will be an important consideration when you're planning a journey, but choosing to rent a Mini Cooper in Spain this sure to make your experience all the more convenient. Next, let's take a look at the different models.

The Mini Coupe is a sporty and stylish model that's often very popular in the rental market, and the performance is also exceptional giving you a maximum top speed of around 143 mph along with an incredible fuel consumption of 44 mpg. What's more, the interior is very comfortable and surprisingly spacious, so you shouldn't have any problems in this department. Many people love this car for its sporty look and convenient handling, and it's also very good for city driving as well.

Alternatively, you may prefer to rent the Mini Countryman, which offers much of the same sporty appeal as the coupe, but comes with five seats and is often considered to be a small SUV in its own right. The extra seats mean it's a good option if you're traveling with friends and family in tow, and the car is also a real workhorse, giving you exceptional mileage and many comfortable technological features that will make your journey a comfortable and pleasant one at all times.

Additionally, the car gives you a generous 1000 L boot space, so it has plenty of room to bring some luggage along with you, or perhaps for storing all of your purchases if you're planning a shopping extravaganza in one of Spain's major cities. Overall, choosing to hire a Mini Cooper in Spain is a good idea if you're looking for a comfortable, convenient car that'll make your stay a pleasurable one. Regardless of the model you choose, you won't be let down by the famous Mini brand.

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