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Rent a Bentley in Mallorca

Why do so many people return to the Spanish island of Mallorca year after year? The mouth-watering Spanish cuisine could certainly have something to do with it, as could the warm and friendly local people, clean inviting beaches and wide choice of attractions to visit. Why not visit this place in a luxurious Bentley rental in Mallorca? If you have already visited the island, then you know exactly what we are referring to. If on the other hand you are planning your first visit to the beautiful Spanish island, then you may be wondering how to decide on which places to visit. That's why we've prepared a quick guide to a few of the attractions that you really shouldn't miss.

Bars S'Illot, Alcudia Coast Road - The coastline running from Alcudia to Cap des Pinar has a gorgeous little beach where you will also see a signpost for Bar S'Illot. This is one of those idyllic places that will etch itself on your memory for a long time to come. Order a cold Spanish drink, enjoy the jazz music playing in the background and look out over an incredible view of the beautiful bay. This place is a real hidden find, a little off the beaten track and guaranteed to give a truly authentic Spanish experience, it's well worth the journey. 

Vall d'en March is a relaxed and peaceful haven. For a break away from the hectic beach life head to Vall d'en March for a tranquil and peaceful haven. With little more than the tinkle of goat bells and occasional hum of local bees, you'll find a large piece of unspoiled countryside that will truly give you a taste for the real Spanish rural life. Whether you are travelling to this place for the first time, or are a well-seasoned visitor to the island, one thing is very clear; this island has an abundance of places to visit and sights to explore. With that in mind, planning in advance for car rental is a crucial element to ensuring your holiday reaches its full enjoyment potential.

Here at Apex Luxury Car Rental we love everything about the destination. From the hidden beaches and authentic restaurants tucked well away from the beaten track, to the mainstream attractions and must see spots, we want you to see and experience everything that the island has to offer. That's why we recommend clients to think about luxury car rental for their vacation, for example why not opt to rent a Bentley in Mallorca?

This is an island that requires transport to be fully appreciated. With many of the must-see attractions quite a distance apart, relying on public transport could cause your holiday stress levels to significantly increase. If you decide to hire a Bentley in Mallorca, or another choice in luxury car rental, you are setting yourself up for a satisfying, memorable and comfortable experience. Indeed it's time to enjoy this stunning Spanish destination in sensational style!

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