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Rent a Range Rover in Spain

If you are taking a trip to Spain and you want to be able to get around easier, then you will want a Range Rover rental in Spain. A Range Rover is a great car choice that will give you a dependable ride around Spain and allow you to travel comfortably. The Range Rover is also rugged and can get you into the mountains or on the winding coastal roads with ease. It has so many attractions that it might be hard to figure out what you want to see first. It helps to write out an itinerary and narrow down what you want to see to your most important attractions. If you try to pack everything in, it can start to get stressful.

Make sure you hire a Range Rover in Spain and head to El Teide in Tenerife. It is the highest volcanic peak in the country. There is a huge volcanic crater to explore and the interior is full of colorful rock formations that make you feel like you are on another planet. You can also climb the cone or take a cable car to the top. The views from the cone seem to go on forever.

The Old City of Toledo is another part of the country that deserves a visit. You will find many types of architecture in the city, including Renaissance, Moorish and Gothic. The hillside city is surrounded by a river and it looks so impressive. It is a great place to just wander around the streets are narrow and. You will find many churches to explore and there are also lots of places to eat and shop.

The coast is an amazing place to take a drive and you will want to stop off and explore the beaches of Costa del Sol. These sunny beaches are beautiful, with white sands and blue water. You can explore the beaches for miles and they are not too crowded. The beaches are very clean and there are golf courses nearby if you enjoy golfing.

If you are a fan of modern architecture, you will want to make a trip to Valencia where you can see the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. These ultramodern architectural wonders house museums, an aquarium and performing arts venues. The aquarium really stands out and the building is shaped like a water lily.

When you are ready to relax and enjoy some nightlife, food and entertainment, you can visit the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. The plaza is hopping with activity and there are tons of people who come here to eat, shop and drink. The plaza always has free performances and the area is pedestrian only. It is a place where people come to gather and enjoy themselves. When you rent a Range Rover in Spain it gives you a way to get around the country that is comfortable and fun to drive. If you want to explore everything that this place has to offer, you need a car.

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