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Rent an SUV in Spain

If you are planning an exciting road trip with friends, rent an SUV in Spain and get to travel across this beautiful country in comfort. This country has a varied landscape, from the sprawling countryside, to the low coastal areas right next to the Mediterranean. A powerful ride is all you need to get to every corner of the country, unencumbered. Spain was at one time under the Roman Empire until about 700 AD, after which it was conquered during the Muslim invasion. In the 15th century it was re-conquered and placed under Christian rule.

During these significant periods, the country developed a varied but distinct identity. When touring this impressive destination, you will have the opportunity to tour a huge collection of attractions showcasing this varied history and culture. If you would like to follow the same path followed by millions of tourists each year, hire an SUV in Spain, get your friends together and pack up all your stuff; kick off your road trip from one of the popular cities of Madrid or Barcelona.

These cities are home to some of the most impressive attractions the country has to offer including the impressive architectural creations of Antoni Gaudi littered across Barcelona. Madrid is home to the Prado Museum, a world famous attraction. Be user to also sample the varied dining, and shopping options in these cities, taking the time to go people watching at one of the many plazas around.

Alternatively, you can choose to follow the less traveled path. Andalucia is home to some impressive low key attractions that showcase the Muslim influence on the country's history. Cordoba and Granada are among the largest cities in this part of the country. They are home to numerous attractions including the Great Mosque and the Alhambra citadel respectively. Spain is also home to a variety of top rated beaches, where you can enjoy some time in the sun. As you can see, this country is home to a varied collection of attractions. To ensure that you get to see as much of it as possible, book an SUV rental in Spain and chart your very own road trip.

Driving a car like this comes with a variety of benefits. First and foremost, you will have all the space you need seat and travel comfortably. Furthermore, you can bring all the stuff you need, picking up local wares as well, as these vehicles have a lot of storage space. Since some of these vehicles can sit up to 8 passengers, you can travel as a group for added fun. The powerful engines on these cars provide all the power you need to haul all your stuff and occupants without raising the risk of breakdown.

As an added bonus, you might even save some cash as the entire group can chip in to cover the travel costs. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we are committed to providing clients with the best means of travel. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury car hire services.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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