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Rent a Ford in Tenerife

Are you planning an exciting adventure to the Canary Islands in the near future? Perhaps one of the most stunning areas to vacation, it is no wonder it is such a popular destination. Oddly, many people believe that the island is filled with delightful yellow canaries. However, upon arrival, you may only see them in a local pet shop. The islands were actually named after the fierce canaria dogs that once roamed the islands.

The Canary Islands consist of seven islands with Tenerife being the largest and most visually stunning. If you are looking for the best way to get around, you may want to rent a Ford in Tenerife. A Ford is a solid and dependable car that will help you find your way around the island. If this is your first visit to the Canary Islands, we are going to help you finding the best must-see destinations.

Unless you are really a fan of walking, you will want to have some type of car rental to enjoy our first destination to the fullest. Mount Teide offers a 12,198 ft summit that is the highest point in Spain in addition to being the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. The area offers incredible views of the area as well as a slight level of trepidation that this is an active volcano. However, the last reports of any activity occured back in 1909 . Due to the sheer size of this monster volcano it has helped to make the island the tenth highest one in the world.

Another area that has become quite popular with tourists is the loro parque. This is an incredible zoo that has been proclaimed by many as being one of the most beaugtiful in the world and ahould be on every itenrary. What amazes a large number of visitors is who imbecable the park is. There is generally not a leaflet of trash found in any area of the park. In addition, the animal enclosures are the finest you will se in any zoo. A trip to this place is not complete without a day spent at loro parque. WHether you are looking to find orangutans, dolphons, or killer whales, they can all be found in loro parque.

You cannot visit the island in a Ford rental in Tenerife and not get out and explore this beauty in the Atlantic. One of the best destinations on the island for a long drive is Teide National Park. This is an incredible spot to take pictures or pull the car over and wait for the sun to go down and sit on the side of the road and star gaze. From incredible rock formations, lava fields, and the highest point in the area, this is more than just a day trip. You will fall in love with the area and having a rental car is going to allow you to fully explore the area on your terms. If you are ready to hire a Ford in Tenerife, contact us today for the best quotes available.

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