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Rent a Jaguar in Tenerife

Are the Canary Islands in your travel plans in the near future? This is a stunning area in the Atlantic off the coast of Spain and is a highly popular destination. Even with that popularity people still think the area is filled with canaries. However, you will be rather disappointed when you do not see a one fluttering around the island. There was no mass canary exodus, the islands were actually named for the ferocious dogs that once roamed the island. The actual islands consist of seven with Tenerife being the largest in the chain.

If you want the opportunity to really explore the island, you should rent a Jaguar in Tenerife. This is one of the ultimate cars in luxury and enjoyment. Once you are in your vehicle, you may be unsure where to visit, we are going to help you with choosing the right destinations right now. While it is often nice to get off the beaten path and walk around new locations, for your first destination, you will want the power that comes with a car like this.

Head off to the highest destination in Spain, one that offers incredible views and a 12,198-foot summit. This is the highest point above sea level in the islands in the Atlantic. If you have never set foot on an active volcano it is one that you will meet with trepidation and excitement. Don't worry too much as the list report of any volcanic activity was in 1909. The size of this volcano has helped to make the island of Tenerife the tenth largest island in the world. If you are fond of breathtaking shows and beautiful animals a day at loro pargue is in order. This is one of the most beautiful zoos in all the world and should not be missed under any circumstances.

Many people are surprised at how clean the park is for the number of daily visitors. You will typically not find one piece of trash anywhere, it is quite amazing. The animal enclosures are top notch and one can see that a lot of thought was put into keeping the animals comfortable and happy. You cannot make a visit to the Canary Islands without a day trip to loro parque. If you are looking to see star fish or whales they all call this incredible park home. One can not drive the gorgeous roads in a Jaguar rental in Tenerife and not make a day of exploring the island. One of the best destinations on the island is the stunning Teide National Park.

You can easily spend a day just driving the park and pulling over to views some of the most breathtaking scenery in the area. There are beautiful lava fields in addition to the highest point on the island all within a quick drive. This is an area you are going to fall in love with and come back to again and again and your rental car is going to make it all possible. If you plan to hire a Jaguar in Tenerife, give us a call so we can help you make some incredible memories on this beautiful island.

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