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Rent an SUV in Tenerife

The Canary Islands attract nearly 10 million foreign tourists every year, about half making Tenerife their designation of choice. The largest of the seven main islands, it is also the most populous and offers the most diverse forms of entertainment. The landscape varies greatly, ranging from pristine, sandy beaches, to rugged mountains. Tourists often seek to rent an SUV in Tenerife to get them to the most remote of the island’s attractions.

The waters that surround the island offer some of the best whale watching available. Getting an SUV rental in Tenerife provides the necessary cargo space to haul all the essentials from the hotel to the docks, including coolers filled with ice and refreshments, camera gear, and fishing equipment. Teide National Park is sure to be at the top of most must-see lists. Featuring an extensive road system throughout the park and varied terrain, a spacious car is a must in order to experience everything the park has to offer. Home to such fascinating natural landscaping, visitors revel at the enormity of Teide Volcano and the petrified lava rivers at its base.

Another stop on the itinerary of most visitors is the picturesque town of Garachico, which has earned the reputation of being one of the prettiest. Its cobbled streets, ornate churches, and coastal water pools—formed out of volcanic rock—create a unique character found only in Garachico. Known as the unluckiest town on the island, Garachico has been besieged by tragedy. In its short existence, the town has endured the bubonic plague, plagues of locusts, and was badly damaged by floods and erupting volcanos—yet the people that inhabit it continue to bounce back.

No visit to this place is complete without experiencing the abundant night-life, the envy of the islands. There are literally hundreds of bars, discos, and clubs to seek out for entertainment. For those traveling with the kids there is no shortage of family-friendly attractions, either. With a car like this, you’ll have the capability to transport your whole group from the hotel to the beach, over rugged terrain, to get up close and personal with the volcanos. Later, you can stop in for a show at the ever popular Medieval Nights, a family attraction everyone is sure to love.

Many attractions are located within walking distance of the hotels, but frequent visitors choose to hire an SUV in Tenerife, having learned by experience that there are many advantages to having your own transportation. Families and people traveling in groups find the roomy interior a luxury that makes all the difference in their ability to experience the island and all its incredible landscapes and attractions in comfort and safety. When you book today through Apex Luxury Car Hire, you’ll find that our selection of models and luxury cars will satisfy the needs of the most discerning client, while providing the finest amenities and the best driving experience. We know you’ll enjoy this place in Spain’s Canary Islands and return year after year.

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