What Are Some Of The Most Famous Historic Places In Ibiza?

Written by: mihir

When you go on vacation to an exciting location like Ibiza, the last thing you might be thinking about doing is visiting historical landmarks. After all, you go on vacation to party with your friends, not for a history lesson from an uncharismatic tour guide. However, it's important to keep an open mind when it comes to visiting the top 4 Historic Places in Ibiza. You can still party into the dawn at some of Europe's best nightclubs after you have been on a cultural day out on the island.

So, what are some of the most famous historical landmarks in the region? According to triphobo.com, the top seven historical places in Ibiza are Dalt Vila, Museu Monografic Puig Des Molins, Obelisc Als Corsaris, Asentamiento Fenicio De Sa Caleta, Sa Capelleta, Estatua Del Sagrado Corazon De Jesus and Santa Gertrudis. By making time during your vacation to visit a few of those places, you can begin to explore the history of the area through the ages. The island really does have a rich history and seeing old monuments and landmarks in person can help you to appreciate the vacation destination a lot more. Just make sure you check out the admissions fees and opening and closing times of the various attractions. You don't want to turn up at a venue only to find that it is not open to the public until the spring.

Perhaps one of the best websites to visit in order to find out more about the best tourist attraction in Ibiza is TripAdvisor. On that website, you can rank different tourist attractions in the region using a range of different factors and filters. You can also read personal accounts and reviews from other tourists who have already visited the attractions. Just keep in mind that some reviews might not be one hundred percent authentic.

YouTube is another great online resource for learning about some of the best tourist sites in almost any worldwide city, including Ibiza. You can watch vlogs from other travelers and see video footage of some of the best museums, restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels at a particular destination.

If you don't enjoy any aspect of vacation planning, you should contact a reputable travel agency who will be able to organize your entire trip to Ibiza. The agency will take care of all your flights, hotel accommodation, car rental, and daily itineraries. They can also help you to gain access to some of the most exclusive clubs on the island.

If you are just interested in going to the largest nightclub in Ibiza, Spain, you need to go to Privilege. The superclub has a capacity of 10,000 clubbers and is currently the largest nightclub in the world. The club first opened in 1978 but was expanded in 1997. The floor space in the club spans an area of 6500 square meters. Notable promoters for the club have included Gorri, Faruk Gandji and Brasilio de Oliviera. Many celebrities have visited the club over the years including Led Zeppelin, Tina Turner, Boy George, Grace Jones, and David Bowie.