Stay At The Best Hotels In Ibiza

Written by: mihir

A vacation to Ibiza can be the ultimate partying experience. However, when you are out partying hard each night, you want to make sure you have a safe, comfortable place to recuperate This means you need to find the best hotel accommodation in Ibiza. Ideally, you should look for hotels that are located close to the clubs you plan to visit. That way, you can save money on taxi fares. If you plan to go to the beach each day, you might want to check out the best waterfront hotels in Ibiza. Some of the top-ranked hotels according to a popular newspaper in the UK include Ses Pitreras, Casa Munich, Pure House Ibiza, The Giri Residence, Atzaro, Seven Pines Resort, Finca Can Xuxu, Los Enamorados, and Cala Saona Hotel & Spa.

Once you have your hotel accommodation on the island sorted, you need to start thinking about which nightclubs you want to go to. If you really love the dance scene, you need to certainly go the Privilege. Located near San Rafael, this club is the largest in the world. Inside it looks like a huge aircraft hangar. A key feature of the club is that is has a swimming pool as a centerpiece on the dance floor. It's also possible to party until sunrise in the glass-encased Vista Club. The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that techno ravers can see the sunrise as dawn approaches.

Another famous club on the island to visit is Amnesia. With a 5000 capacity, this venue is always booming and it has an unrivaled guaranteed partying atmosphere. The famous foam party is hosted at this club and the venue has won Best Global Club awards for three years running.

If you are looking to catch a glimpse of celebrities while you are partying in Ibiza. Pacha would be a great club to go to. It is a very mythical venue situated near Marina and is regularly attended by many famous faces. The maximum capacity is 3000 individuals, so while it is not as large Privilege or Amnesia, it is still guaranteed to have a great partying atmosphere.

If you love water parties, you need to go to Es Paradis. This waterfront club in San Antonio hosts regular water parties where everyone gets soaked as the club is sprayed with thousands of liters of water.

Of course, spending all your time clubbing when you are Ibiza can be a bit exhausting and tough on the body. So, you might want to make sure you book a hotel that has relaxing spa facilities to help you recover after each night of drinking and partying. Many hotels also offer health spas, steam rooms, and body detoxes.

Arguably one of the best things about Ibiza is that hotel accommodation is generally very cheap. This is because there is lots of competition. Many people who think they might only be able to afford a 1-week vacation to the Spanish island, find they can actually afford to stay for two weeks once they start looking at the best Ibiza hotel room rates.