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Rent an SUV in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the biggest tourist cities in the South Eastern United States. It has museums, theme parks, art, culture, unique shops, and plenty of fun to be had. Of course, you want to enjoy all of this with a reliable ride. That is why you should rent an SUV in Birmingham for your next vacation. But what are you going to do after you hire your SUV? Birmingham is full of culture and history. You can see a lot of this up close if you take the time to visit any of their impressive museums. There are dozens of museums in the area. You can choose to drive to them all or just pick a couple that really speaks to your personal interests.

Do you love music? How about jazz? If so, then you should pay a visit to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. This museum is located in the Carver Theater and houses a plethora of musical instruments and items that once belonged to some of the biggest names in jazz music. In particular, there is quite a bit of memorabilia from Nat “King” Cole, one of the top jazz legends in the world.

Or perhaps you are more interested in science. If that is the case, then after you rent an SUV in Birmingham you should drive to McWane Science center. This museum focuses on combining history and technology into a one-of-a-kind experience. It also houses a massive IMAX theater and many living aquariums. One final museum you might consider visiting is the Southern Museum of Flight. It is home to nearly a century's worth of history memorabilia related to aviation. There are models, wings, and engines. Many of the exhibits feature very early aircraft, such as the 1910 Curtis Pusher.

Any fan of art should take the time to visit the largest cast-iron sculpture in the world: the Vulcan. It was designed back in 1904 and tips the scales at 60 tons. It is an awe-inspiring sight and is located in the middle of an equally beautiful park. It isn't exactly a museum, but it is a piece of this city’s history. If you are traveling with a full family, then the answer to this question should be pretty obvious. A vehicle like this is the perfect crossover between the family van and the pickup truck. It can safely and comfortably transport an entire family, but has enough power to drive offroad so that you can visit those hard to reach spots.

That's an important quality in a city like this where there are lakes, rivers, and camping spots that you simply cannot reach with a regular car. Depending on the car you rent, you can cross through some pretty tough terrain and don't have to worry about leaving the vehicle. Of course, you want to be careful with your rental. Avoid driving anywhere that might damage the vehicle. Luckily, damaging these cars is a lot harder than damaging your average sedan.

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