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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Manchester

Luxury car rental Manchester is a great way to discover this city in style. Manchester is one of the most thriving cities in the north west of England, with its population increasing by a fifth since 2001. It is the fastest growing city in England and the third most visited by tourists. Situated with the Pennine Mountains to the north, and the Cheshire Plain to the south.

Manchester was first started by the Romans around 79 AD who called it Mamucium, who built it on a sandstone bluff at the intersection between the rivers Irwell and Medlock. Up until the industrial revolution it remained a small town but after industrialisation Manchester’s population increased at an incredible rate. Textile manufacturing started this process and this led it to being the first industrialised city in the world. In 1761 the Bridgewater Canal was constructed which brought coal in for the factories and with this came the building of many factories.

By 1853 it gained city status and with the building of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894, it allowed the Port of Manchester to be created that linked it to the sea. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto here after seeing the industrial revolution in its prime and how workers could be exploited and the TUC, the Trades Union Congress was also set up here to protect the rights of industrial workers. So try out luxury car hire Manchester today and see for yourself all these historic sites that this city and its surrounds have to offer.

Industry and science has dominated its past with Manchester having the first railway station. In science the atom was split here first and the first stored programmed computer was created here. After WW2 the city declined but in the last 2 decades new investment has transformed it into a sparkling jewel in the north. Manchester has a thriving entertainments industry with its music scene and media links. Just recently the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) moved its headquarters from London to Salford in Manchester.

Football dominates the city and based here are Manchester City and Manchester United, 2 of the biggest clubs in the Premiership. Rent a luxury car in Manchester, it is an ideal way to experience all that this amazing city offers. Contact Apex today for a quote on the luxury car rental you require.

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