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Rent a Volkswagen in Birmingham

Birmingham is both a historic city as well as a modern city. Its history during the pre-industrialization period is that of a city that was less influential in socio-economic affairs. However, all that changed during the industrialization period. During the industrialization period, this place carved a reputation for being a center for industrialization. Indeed this process helped spur development of this city, so-much-so that it is considered as the first industrialized city in the UK.  Whilst developing, it became a force to reckon with regarding political influence.

Although much has changed since the industrialization period, it’s influence has not changed. It still wields the same influence it did back then. For instance, it is the most populous city in England after London. Additionally, it is the fourth most visited city by tourists. This is for a good reason. It is truly a trendsetter when it comes to the social scene. It boasts of an active social culture filled with both sporting events and social events. On the sporting front, one can rely on football to provide unbeatable entertainment.

 Brum is home to Aston Villa F.C, a seven-time league winning football club, and the City F.C. Additionally, there are cricket teams, thus improving the diversity of sports that one can enjoy. It also has interesting attraction as well. Some notable examples of attractions that this place has include the Thinktank Science Museum, which is designed to awe visitors, whilst inspiring them. You can book a tour to BBC studios to get a glimpse of how the world renowned BBC operates. Another option is to visit the National SEA LIFE Center, which focuses of immersing visitors with an experience of the undersea world.

Finally, you could always visit a history site such as the Luftwaffe Castle Bromwich, which built the production site if one of the most iconic fighter planes in British history – the Spitfire. However today, the factory is the base of operation for the production of Jaguars – a world-renowned brand of cars. Speaking of cars, whilst on a tour of Brum - a moniker given to this city -, it is always best to have a reliable means of transport. In this regard, you should rent a Volkswagen in Birmingham. These cars are renowned the world over for being reliable, efficient and very comfortable to drive. The comfort bit is very important as it will ensure that whenever you travel around, your body is relaxed.

With so much travel due to a great deal of sightseeing you can do in the city, as a visitor, you should not settle for anything less than efficient and comfortable means of transportation. In this case, vehicles from this brand are some of the best rental cars available for hire. When you hire a Volkswagen in Birmingham, you can rest assured that you will visit all the historical and cultural centers that pique your interest, whilst enjoying every bit of the ride. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we are always ready and willing to serve you and make your exploration of this beautiful city a memorable time in your life.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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